Character Creation

Character creation follows the normal rules as outlined in the core rulebook.

You should have a 400BP character.

If you want to use any of the more "exotic" options from Runner’s Companion you should talk to me first. This includes infected, sapient critters, changelings, AIs, drakes and shapeshifters. Approval will be determined on a case by case basis.

The most BP you can gain negative qualities is 35BP.It is suggested you choose the day job quality if you expect to play less often. Even if you don't play, you are still expected to pay your rent. You are required to have a lifestyle, even if it is street.

The most BP you can spend on positive qualities is 35BP.

You can have AT MOST one attribute at 1. It doesn’t make sense that a runner would be horrible deficient in more than one area.

It is STRONGLY suggested you have at least one point in dodge and perception. I call for a lot of perception checks and dodge is what keeps you alive. If you are capable of astral perception you should be trained in assensing as well.

As per the rules, you get 3 X (Logic + Intuition) free knowledge points. Additional knowledge points can be purchased for 2BP. You can get knowledge specializations for 1 knowledge point each or you can spend 1BP to get a knowledge specialization.

No items with availability greater than 12 are allowed to starting characters. If you have a lifestyle greater than street or squatter you are required to have a fake SIN (or real SIN) tied to it.

All contacts must be approved. You must submit a name and basic type of contact they are. You are encouraged to provide fluff as well (otherwise you'll be stuck with whatever I give you). Starting characters should not have contacts with connection ratings greater than 3. Starting characters should PURCHASE Lynx as a 3 point contact, loyalty 1, connection 2. They must start with at least ONE other contact and may have up to 4 total starting contacts.

All characters must have a commlink (with OS) and a lifestyle. Choosing "steet" is an acceptable lifestyle.

Characters CANNOT have mysterious cyberwere or implanted bombs. I do not want to deal with that.

Characters should have at least a limited backstory. Why are they in Boston? They should be new to the running scene even if they aren't new to the area.

There is a character generator spreadsheet that you might find useful. It is available at dumpshock, which is the place to go for shadowrun forums.

Players are encouraged to seek out useful tools for character creation, I currently recommend Hero Lab.

Contact me with any questions!

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Updated: 8/10/11

Character Creation

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