Cerra is a young mage in Boston. She is very petite and easy to underestimate. This is slightly offset by the "sexy soldier" look she sports and the openly worn shoulder holster with pistol and ornate knife worn at her hip.

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She is known to be a face with powerful backing, though no one is willing to discuss who that backing actually is. Though she is a capable mage, she is most often seen with a large black dog or drones as bodyguards though occasionally she has various street samurai as guards.

If you provide her info on upcoming runs, she can usually get you secondary objectives within a few hours. The rewards vary depending on the job.

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Cerra first moved to Boston from the CAS to attend MIT&T on a full scholarship and is currently enrolled in the mathematics department. She registered as a mage in '70 after her latent powers awakened during a chance encounter with a toxic spirit. Rather than transfer to the Thaumaturge department, she chose to remain enrolled in her current degree. Records indicate she has been receiving private training.


A 23 year old blonde human female. Approximately 5 feet tall and petite build. Most often seen wearing a military vest and cargo pants. Preferring to dress simply she avoids jewelry and with the exception of a thin blackened metal armband on her left upper arm and a thicker, similarly blacked metal bracelet with a single gear in the center on her left wrist.


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