Campaign Qualities

There are a few qualities which seem logical in this campaign yet are not actually defined by the official rules.

This is where they will be listed.

Positive Qualities

  • Faction Agent (5BP): Since factional interactions play a significant role in the campaign, you can take this qualty to start the game affiliated. This quality must be taken for each faction you wish to be afilitated with. Taking this quality grants you "A generic faction contact" and a loose relationship.
  • Mobile Combat Training (5BP per level, max 3): You are experienced in fighting while in a moving vehicle. Reduce the dice penalty by 1 for each level of combat training you have.

Negative Qualities

  •  Pool Self Control / Compulsive / Coward (+ 5BP): When in a combat situation you must pass a composure(2) test not to flee. This test is required even if its your teammates initiating combat. This is not compatible with Spirit Mentor Rat.
  • Poor Self Control / Compulsive / Trickster (+ 5BP): To resist the opportunity to pull a trick or prank you must pass a composure(2) test. This applies even if the prank would be detrimental to the team. This is not compatible with Spirit Mentor Trickster.
  • Incompetence Group (+10BP): Occasionally you may want to be incompetent in multiple skills in a group. To prevent abuse of the incompetence quality if you want to be incompetent in more than one skill from a group, you must “Incompetence Group” instead of “Incompetence Skill”. The effect is identical to the normal Incompetence quality.

Campaign Qualities

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