Buying Goods

Buying goods can be a very time consuming process both in and out of character. In order to expedite this, and to allow players to handle buying goods on their own, use the following process.

Unrestricted Items

There are many items with an availability of "-".  These are completely unrestricted and can probably be bought at your local Stuffershack. You can buy as many "-" items as you want between sessions. The time to get these is negligible.

Items which are unrestricted but have a numerical value are also easily obtainable. Anything with an availability of 12 or less can be obtained in 3 days. You can order multiple things during this time period, the time delay is primarily shipping time. If you need it sooner you can pay an additional 25% per day earlier. (IE: 125% cost gets 2 day delivery, 150% gets next day delivery)

Restricted Items

When an item is restricted it takes more effort to obtain. You have two options for how to do this, visit the shadowmarket or hire a fixer. Regardless of which method you take, the search interval is based on items base cost.

  • 100 nuyen or less – 12 hours
  • 101 to 1,000 nuyen – 1 day
  • 1,001 to 10,000 nuyen – 2 days
  • over 10,000 nuyen – 1 week


When you are looking for restricted items on your own, you can go to the shadowmarket. In this case you are searching for a black market dealer. In order to find an item, you must make a Charisma + Negotiation test. This is an extended test in which you buy successes. When you buy successes 4 dice is equal to 1 success. When you do an extended test, each attempt reduces your dice pool by 1. The target number is the item's availability.

Ex. Bob is searching for a 8R item which costs 500 nuyen. He charisma 4 and negotiation 5. This gives him a base pool of 9

  • day 1: 9/4 = 2 successes
  • day 2: 8/4 = 2 successes (4 total)
  • day 3: 7/4 = 1 successes (5 total)
  • day 4: 6/4 = 1 successes (6 total)
  • day 5: 5/4 = 1 successes (7 total)
  • day 6: 4/4 = 1 successes (8 total)

If he needed availability 9 he would have to resume searching the next week since he could no longer buy successes. You can search for one item on your own at any given time. Generally this does not interfere with other activities like work, though it would interfere with healing.

If you wish to expedite the search process you can pay an additional 25% of the cost for an extra die in your pool. You can buy a maximum of 10 dice this way. This does not change the search interval, the interval is always based off the base cost.


For a shadowrunner time is frequently money, and it can be much more efficient hiring a fixer to do your shopping for you. You can give your fixer a shopping list of items to find and they will do it on their own time leaving you free to work or run. Make an extended test on behalf of the fixer, using their charisma + negotiation + connection. If the fixer was not an official campaign NPC assume their dice pool is 3 times their connection. (IE connection 3 would have 9, connection 4 would have 12, etc) If the fixer is an official NPC use their actual dice pool. 

The only differences between using a fixer and doing it yourself are the following:

  • The fixer charges a finders fee up front, this is 5% the base items cost times their connection rating. (so between 5% and 30%) 
  • The time requires is calculated based off the fixer's dice pool. of their Charisma + Negotiation + Connection or 3 * connection if their stats are unknown The actual dice pool calculation is under development. For now have the GM roll at a session.
  • The player is free to go about their daily business while the fixer searches. They will receive the items (and pay for them) when they are available.

Forbidden Items

Many forbidden items, and even some restricted items, are too hard to obtain through simple dice rolling. Items of this nature must be received through a mission. The basic procedure for these missions is that players will pay for the item in advance. All players who are interested in the item pay its listed cost up front, this represents the needed bribes and research to locate a source. Players must then succeed in the mission to obtain the item. Be advised that you may be presented with multiple approaches on how to get the items and depending on player choices there may be more (or more likely less) of the item available then you are looking for.


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Special Cases

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Buying Goods

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