Astral Bacon

A nationally syndicated comedian known for his crude jokes about the awakened world. He regularly tours the UCAS and CAS but diligently avoids the Native American and Elven run nations.

His act is a mix between crude and mocking jokes punctuated with extreme and noisy gestures.

One of the key features of his act is his crazy wizard getup. He wears elaborate wizards robes made in all sorts of gaudy colors.  The ensemble is complemented by an intricately carved seven foot tall staff with various runes burnt into it. Rings weight down his left hand. Each finger except for the thumb has a heavy ring with large brightly colored stone. Bracelets clank on his right wrist with every gesture of his hand. The metal chain of the first bracelet clinging and rattling against the charm bracelet accompanying it. The final piece of the outfit is a multi-colored jester's hat.

If it wasn't for his eyes and hair, Bacon would have a very normal appearance. He's average height and build and he's clean shaven. His eyes, on the other hand, are different colors, one is bright green and the other dark purple. His hair is very thick and wild and dyed many different colors.

Astral Bacon

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