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  • post9

    This session ran a while ago so this will be a brief summery.
    Unless the PCs choose to share the info with you, this is considered fully OOC.

    "This isn't what I signed up for," [[Silas Fisher]] thought to himself. …

  • post19

    Live from our Flyspy in the Sky..

    OOC: if there was a Flyspy in the sky, I’m not saying there was

    We see the makings of an epic gun battle below us. Moments ago a troll fired off an antitank round into the side of the …

  • post26

    _This following is an except from the Knight Errant incident report regarding the events at Crosspoint Towers on May 27th, 2072._ ... Regarding the second incident. We believe the two events were unrelated. Witnesses at the scene revealed that the …

  • WMC

    This is non-canon outside of this campaign. It is a nod to a previous campaign I ran set in Woosta Sprawl

    During the 20th century, Worcester Polytechnic Institute was a prominent university. As the school grew, they purchased more and …

  • Mission 4

    Job Transfer

    Sunday, 04/17/72 4PM

    Hoi Cats,
    Word on the street has you getting a bit banged up on this last run. Hopefully it didn't scare you out of the shadows. 'Specially since I have two new jobs I was asked to …

  • Silas Fisher

    A former WMC employee who was part of their Apprenticeship Program.

    He recently changed jobs, with the help of an extraction, to work for NeoNet.