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  • post28

    *June 6th, 2072* Lucian smiled to himself as the runners left to plan for his job. He could only imagine the chaos that would ensue from the runners stealing a tank and driving it 30 miles down the highway. This was sure to be a swift and decisive blow …

  • Mission 12

    Eyes of the Beholder

    • Within lies beauty.
    • usr/bin/grrl

    May 10, 2071

    Hoi cats,
    Looks like you've gotten the notice of a few more players in the game we call life. I was " …

  • Mission 29

    Animal House

    Everything gets out alive!

    or as close to it? >>Unknown Tagger

    5/31/72 1PM Hey there, The perfect gift for someone important to me has just arrived and I need to hire a few good men (though I …

  • Mission 64

    h3. Garage Sale Date: 1PM on June 5, 2072. Hoi Chummers I was browsing car sales the other day and came across the PERFECT vehicle. The only problem is its not for sale. Think I could get a handful of you to help me out? -[[Lucian Dirge|Lucian]] …