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  • Character Creation

    Character creation follows the normal rules as outlined in the core rulebook.

    You should have a 400BP character.

    If you want to use any of the more "exotic" options from _Runner's Companion_ you should talk to me first. …

  • Character Advancement


    This will be a low karma / slow advancement campaign.

    You can expect to earn between 3 and 10 karma per mission, with the average being closer to 5.

    Each "game week" you can improve one skill or attribute. …

  • House Rules

    In the interest of full disclosure here are some house rules I intend to implement.

    B&E Techniques

    • In place of a Locksmith check, the use of a hardware toolkit and the Hardware skill can be used to physically uninstall (sometimes …

  • What is Shadowrun

    This section is under development. Right now its just some quick thoughts.

    Unlike some Role Playing Game systems, such as D&D, Shadowrun is not a combat system. While combat plays an intricate part it is much more fluid and open than …

  • day job

    This is a quality that players are recommended to take if they expect they will miss sessions.

    Time still passes even when you don't play, and day job allows you to pay your rent.

    The following is the description of the Day Job negative …

  • Character Pages

    Players are encouraged to make pages on the wiki for their character. Keep in mind these pages are your public face. Unless it is clearly labeled as secret or OOC it is possible for NPCs to learn the information.

  • Karma Awards

    There are various ways to obtain bonus karma in this campaign. You can gain karma from each of these ONCE per character. This karma will be rewarded after the first non newbie mission your character participates in and does not have to be earned all at …

  • Licenses

    It is standard practice to have fake licenses for your various gear. These licenses are tied to your fake SIN and their rating cannot exceed that of your fake SIN.

    Occasionally you may want a real license for gear. In order to have a real license …

  • Allowed Books

    In order to present a fairly balanced and consistent campaign, the following books are allowed for new characters. Characters which have played before 4/2/12 are not required to change, but all others must follow the following rules. h3. Inexperienced …

  • Wiki Use

    This is an editable wiki for a reason. PCs ARE allowed to edit various pages. There are a few guidelines for this.

    • Do NOT edit rules pages without checking with the GM first.
    • Do NOT delete information.
    • You CAN cross out …

  • Time

    As with the real world, time continually passes in this campaign as well. It passes at a rate of approximately 1 week per full mission. This means on average a player can attend between 3 and 4 missions a month. Players should plan on this when …

  • Astral Projection

    There often is confusion regarding the Astral Projection rules.

    While projecting a person is able to view the astral form of the world. This is a colorful place in which technology has almost no footprint. Things which are alive are a rainbow …

  • The Demonic Arts

    A magical tradition focused on the art of summoning.

    Little is known about the tradition, what is known to the general public was gleamed from the [[Devil Grimoire]] by Professor [[Creaks]] of MIT&T


    Combat Spirit …

  • Affiliation

    Throughout the campaign you may find yourself either affiliated or presented with the opportunity to affiliate with the various organizations in Boston.

    There are many ways this can happen, for instance debt or blackmail. Ideally it will happen …

  • Selling SWAG

    After most missions you are bound to have obtained a limited amount of SWAG. This is generic loot which can be stolen from your victims.

    Normally you can sell good for 30% of their price.

    Anything which you looted or stole from someone …

  • Identification

    In the 2070's identification plays a substantial part of your life. You are frequently scanned for your SIN even as you do something simple like walking down the street or entering a building.

    Since ID plays such an important role in …

  • Datasofts

    There was some confusion as to the qualities of datasofts. This is the GM's ruling.

    There are many ways to present and process the vast amount of information available in modern day society. Often when people want to learn how to …

  • Secondary Characters

    Recently people have been asking me about running multiple characters. Here are some basic guidelines.

    • Secondary characters are created following all the normal [[Character Creation]] rules.
    • Without special circumstances,a given …

  • Racism

    Society in Shadowrun is severely racist in some instances. This can be uncomfortable on an OOC level for players. The number one rule to remember is, if something makes you uncomfortable OOC, let the GM know and it will be properly dealt with.

    As …

  • Campaign Qualities

    There are a few qualities which seem logical in this campaign yet are not actually defined by the official rules.

    This is where they will be listed.

    Positive Qualities

    • Faction Agent (5BP): Since …

  • Buying Goods

    Buying goods can be a very time consuming process both in and out of character. In order to expedite this, and to allow players to handle buying goods on their own, use the following process.

    Unrestricted Items

    There are many items …

  • FAQ

    *Frequently Asked Questions*

    There are various questions which come up and need to be answered. Here you can find answers to some of them, as well as related links.

    *Armor Encumbrance*

    Encumbrance penalties only apply to worn armor. …

  • Skype Sessions

    Due to logistical reasons there are times when it will be more practical to run through skype. Sometimes players simply cannot make it in person, schedules change last minute, or people just find themselves hundreds of miles away. This page will provide …

  • Fetishes

    As the book is not totally clear on this. Fetishes are items. "When learning a spell, a magician may choose to accept limitations on her ability to cast that spell. In exchange, the magician will have an easier time resisting the drain caused by the …

  • Deck of Cards Rules

    The rules for this plot arc are still under development and these are considered Experimental Missions. Each card mission is numbered and they must be completed in order. In fact the following mission will not unlock until the current mission has been …

  • Tarot Agate Charm

    Several people received charms during [[The Fool]]. Quick study of the charms reveals that they are some manner of spirit pact. It seems to aid in all acts of will, regardless if the wielder is awakened. It is unknown exactly what the spirit gains in …

  • plague rats

    Devil Rats which have been exposed to a toxic background too long may sometimes mutate into plague rats. These rats have no body hair and virtually no pigment in their skin. Their veins are clearly visible underneath the skin. The extreme nature of their …

  • blight gators

    Constant exposure to a toxic background while growing resulted in the Blight Gator. Smaller than its normal cousins, these gators make up for their size with increased speed. Constantly hungry to feed their increased metabolism they will charge and attack …

  • Character Creation SR5

    Character creation follows the normal rules as outlined in the core rulebook (p62-107), with one exception. Since we want to keep power levels more or less equal, all new characters created after campaign start will receive some "backpay" in the form of …