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  • post3

    This is an OOC summary posting. Only what is incorporated into the wiki iteself can be taken IC.

    It was a run down part of town. Buildings were decaying and the block was dark. The drizzle obscured the stars and the only light came …

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    OOC Posting.

    I wanted to do something a little different for this summery.  After all, a courier job isn't that exciting to read about.

    The lot had a handful of cars and the bar was moderately busy. The dinner …

  • Johnson

    This is the generic name for the "anonymous" person who hires a runner to do a job.

    With the proper research, and bribery, it isn't that hard to find out who they are, but its an additional level of safety for a job.

  • Lynx

    The net admin of Boston's shadownet. 

    Your sources assure you he can be (mostly) trusted. He's also willing to answer what questions he can. Of course you do need to tolerate his many cat references.

    Starting characters …

  • Doc Skav

    A street doc whose based out of an old schoolhouse in East Boston. His neighborhood is one of the few places which was not converted into warehouses during the Logan expansion. The neighborhood is very rough and in poor repair. There is no police …

  • Ratz

    A powerful rat shaman who was recently turned into a ghoul. He specializes in spirits and rat manipulation. He is currently working as security for [[Doc Skav]] in exchange for room and board.

  • Mission 3

    Special Delivery

    This is the last of the "newbie" missions which will be run for a while. The goal of this mission is to give players a taste of how things work in the sprawl while introducing some of the more prominent organizations …

  • Sphytz Wusiwug

    A very private "identification specialist". She will only work for people who have the proper referals. Since she is so selective in her customers, she does offer more flexible payment plans as well as temporary IDs.

  • Security Consultant

    Occasionally corporations have jobs which require the talents of runners but which cannot be hidden from the books. In these instances they hire "Security Consultants" and their background checking is less stringent than normal.

  • Marc Greenboro

    Marc Greenboro is an employee of [[NeoNet]]. His responsibilities are known to include matrix maintenance and the hiring of [[Security Consultant|security consultants]]. He is often found at [[Club Snow Crash]] and rarely seen in the flesh.

  • Baker 620

    "Baker 620 is Knight Errant’s designation for a “homeless” and apparently crazed spirit that is something of a local celebrity and is even an attraction of a VR drone tour of Boston. It is said that he is actually a spontaneous great-form spirit, the …

  • Black Wolf

    A newly awoken AI born at NeoNet. It is largely believed he came into existance when a coworker uploaded infected Holloween photos the the obsidian project nexus.

    He was originally intended to be a next generation IC program. He was born in the …

  • NetHack

    An anonymous hacker who is currently lurking on the Boston Shadow Net.

    He is currently [[nethacks dossiers|tracking]] the various runner's activities.


  • Astral Bacon

    A nationally syndicated comedian known for his crude jokes about the awakened world. He regularly tours the UCAS and CAS but diligently avoids the Native American and Elven run nations.

    His act is a mix between crude and mocking jokes punctuated …

  • Cerra

    Cerra is a young mage in Boston. She is very petite and easy to underestimate. This is slightly offset by the "sexy soldier" look she sports and the openly worn shoulder holster with pistol and ornate knife worn at her hip.

    Begin …

  • Das

    Das Brauer is the primary bartender at [[The Dead End]] bar. During business hours he is almost always there. He is known to be a friendly person to talk to who always has an open ear. Just don't threaten the bar, he's got a shotgun under the counter. …

  • Daemon

    Daemon is known as "The Demon of [[Dig Town]]". He is a powerful summoner and the only known practicioner of "[[The Demonic Arts]]" in Boston.


    Little is known of Daemon's history. One day the inhabitants of …

  • Erk

    At first glance people tend to think Erk is a human ork poser because of his tall and wirey build. The dual pistols he wears means they are (usually) smart enough not to say so in earshot. Those who are foolish enough to comment typically end with a …

  • Cobolt

    Cobolt is the hellhound frequently seen guarding [[Cerra]]. It is unknown who his true owner is.

    He seems to be trained at identifying magically active individuals.

  • Murdock

    Murdock looks like your standard goganger, clad in leather and rarely seen without a vehical. He's known to work as an independant driver for the various corporations.

    Begin ShadowNet Exclusive Info

    Though he's frequently seen …

  • Silas Fisher

    A former WMC employee who was part of their Apprenticeship Program.

    He recently changed jobs, with the help of an extraction, to work for NeoNet.

  • Mr Green

    Mr. Green is a spry old Irish gentleman with a strong grandfatherly presence. His years of living in Boston have largely reduced his accent, though when he gets excited there still are signs of it in his voice.

    He is known to frequently act as …

  • Mickey Finn

    Mickey Finn is a part time bartender at [[Irish Times]] in Worcester. This thuggish individual can often be found hired out as random muscle. He is not overly skilled, and as such his rates are cheap.

    Since he is frequently low on cred, he will …

  • Aaron ODanlin

    A recently deceased informant for Knights Errant. He was discovered with his throat slit hanging over the front gate at a known Knights Errant [[rent1|safehouse]] on April 22nd, 2072.

    Begin ShadowNet Exclusive Info

    Word on the street …

  • Jimmy McAllender

    A short order cook at [[Muldoons Mallet]] in Worcester. He is known to be a chronic debtor at the Seabrook casino.

    Despite, or perhaps because of, his debts he is very loyal to the O'Reily family. That doesn't prevent him from constantly …

  • Lucian Dirge

    OOC Note: This character was originally created by Aaron Pavao for the GenCon 2010 Shadowrun Scramble.

    Lucian is a high ranking NeoAnarchist who is originally from the New York sprawl. He is an excellent source of information on just …

  • Mr White

    Alrigo "White" Morelli, better known as "Mr. White" is the Sicilian counter part to [[Mr Green]]. He is the primary Johnson for [[The Morelli Family]].

  • Perpetual Deviation

    A popular dark industro-dance band which is local to Boston. Lyrically their music focuses on the experiance of being crushed in the corporate world and how we are all slaves to the machine.

    They are best known for their 2070 release, " …

  • Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt is generally assumed to be a codename for Johnsons working in the interest of DigTown. He is rarely the same individual, though he is usually human, and he always is obviously a squatter. Occasionally Joe's have been known to sport some …

  • EE Security

    EE Security is a small scale security contractor servicing Boston. It was founded by [[Evan Eye]] and has been around since 2067. They are frequently called "Double E Security" or "Evil Eye Security".

    The contractor has a …

  • Johnson List

    There are many [[Johnson]]s working the shadows in Boston. They represent all factions and are relatively well known.

    Corporate Johnsons

    • NeoNet: [[Marc Greenboro]]
    • WMC: [[Victor Stralinski]]

    Criminal Johnsons

  • Assorted Individuals

    • [[Pound Sand|#sand]]
    • [[Astral Bacon]]
    • [[Baker 620]]
    • [[Cazme]]
    • [[Doctor Oswald]]
    • [[Eco Spy]]
    • [[Lucca T]]
    • [[Misha]]
    • [[Silas Fisher]]
    • [[Steve Slam]]
  • Pound Sand

    Pound Sand, more commonly known as #sand, is a rigger for the UCAS military. He is highly skilled at piloting more exotic test vehicals.

  • Bounce Miranda

    Life is a game, lets play!

    Bounce is a young social adept who has spent much of her life exploring North America. She is on a constant quest to find new and exciting adventures. Her travels eventually led her to the NeoAnarchists. …

  • Evan Eye

    Evan Eye is the founder and head of [[EE Security]]. He has a very hands on approach to business and is known for being reliable.

    Begin ShadowNet Exclusive Info

    Interesting to note is that [[The Dead End]] accounts for the majority of …

  • Farnsworth Jack

    Jack is a big man (literally, at 6'10' he towers of most) in [[Dig Town]]. He helps ensure things run smoothly with the bazaar and daily amenities. If Dig Town had a recognized leader instead of a commune type atmosphere he would definitely be …

  • Deci

    Deci is a specialized fixer in Boston. His handle is short for "Decimation" and his specialty is demolitions.

    Begin Shadownet Exclusive Info

    Careful when working with Deci, his jobs almost always have high collateral damage. On the flip …

  • Lucca T

    Lucca T is a cyberware specialist working for NeoNet. She is known for being rather creative in her designs and ideas, and as such has been responsible for several major advances in the industry.

    Begin ShadowNet Exclusive Info

    It is …

  • Contacts

    Most people start out with a contact or two. This is what is known about everyone's contacts. Be aware there is much more written in the "GM ONLY" section than you see!

    • Big Mike
    • Facebook
  • Doctor Oswald

    Doctor Oswald is a veterinarian at the Nashua pound. She cares deeply about the animals under her care and ensures they get the best treatment available. h4. Begin ShadowNet Exclusive Info

    Word on the street is that she's got a secret …

  • Tarot

    Tarot is a new name on the street. Very little is known about this individual as he(?) has yet to truly make his presence known. All that is known for sure is that he's spread the word that's he's hiring. His modus operandi consists of making tarot …

  • Fox Tales

    Welcome to Fox Tales! You can call me Kit and this is about life in the Boston sprawl. Enjoy! * [[foxtales1|Have Box Will Travel]] * [[foxtales2|At least the food was good...]] * [[foxtales3|Toxic Party!]] * [[foxtales4|Two D Girls DO Exist!]]

  • Creaks

    Professor Julian Creaks is a high profile employee of MIT&T. He is a powerful mage who has been active for decades. He has been the head of magical research in the Thaumaturge department since 2050 and has declared "I have no intention of relinquishing …

  • Kira

    Kira is a young wolf shifter who recently arrived in Boston. On her way to the sprawl, she was captured by WMC for research purposes but instead wrought havoc on the facility before she was freed. She is very feral and wild, her behavior is obviously more …

  • Misha

    h3. OOC History Back in 2007 is when I first started planning my Boston setting. I revisited it in 2009 before decided to run a campaign in it in 2010. The very first stories were about Misha, a wage slave for NeoNet. Live Journal, where I …