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  • WMC

    This is non-canon outside of this campaign. It is a nod to a previous campaign I ran set in Woosta Sprawl

    During the 20th century, Worcester Polytechnic Institute was a prominent university. As the school grew, they purchased more and …

  • The Syndicate

    Even those who live in the light have heard rumors about The Syndicate. Whenever a major crime or something inexplicably strange occurs they are the ones who are blamed.

    Little is known as to how they operate or what their motivations truly are. …

  • Johnson

    This is the generic name for the "anonymous" person who hires a runner to do a job.

    With the proper research, and bribery, it isn't that hard to find out who they are, but its an additional level of safety for a job.

  • The Irish Mob

    The O'Rilley Family

    Boston has always had a sizable Irish population, as such an organization was needed to protect their interests. This resulted in the formation of the Irish Mob. Despite competition from [[The Morelli Family]] …

  • Tamanous

    An organization focused on organlegging. They are known to have some very shady practices and their members are frequently found on the most wanted lists.

    It is known that they will act as protection for the right "price".

  • MITT

    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Thaumaturgy is a prominent university in Cambridge, MA. With much of the world commercialized it has remained true to its core root of providing education. Anyone who passes the entrance exams and can …

  • Knight Errant

    The corporate security branch of Ares Macrotechnology. They hold the majority of the security contracts in the Boston sprawl.

  • NeoNet

    NeoNet is a AAA Megacorp based out of Boston. Their primary focus is on electronics and the matrix but as with all Megacorps they have their fingers in various other things as well.

    Public Classifieds


    Urgent assistance …

  • Mission 3

    Special Delivery

    This is the last of the "newbie" missions which will be run for a while. The goal of this mission is to give players a taste of how things work in the sprawl while introducing some of the more prominent organizations …

  • The Morelli Family

    The Sicilian Mafia based in Northern Boston. They are a relatively weak crime organization in Boston up until crash 2.0 it was questionable whether or not they would maintain any influence.

    Following the crash though, they started focusing …

  • Yakuza

    The Yakuza originally came when MCT was attempting to establish a foothold in Boston in response to the arrival of the East Coast Stock Exchange (ECSE). When the ECSE returned to New York many of the corporations followed it. With the reduced influence …

  • Mutual Prosperity League

    A triad based out of Chinatown in Boston. They are known to have ties to Hong Kong's Red Dragon Triad.

    Provided you are not in Chinatown, they have minimal influence in Boston.

    Based off Target: UCAS which is property of FASA …

  • Corruption Inc

    Corruption Inc (Inc is not short for Incorporated) is a small time gang in Boston Sprawl. Its members are easily recognizable by the fake NYPD Inc uniforms they wear as well as New York baseball hats. They largely hire out as protection in the rougher …

  • Salisbury Undead

    A small time street gang based out of the old Rural Cemetery in Worcester. They have about 40 members with various skill sets. They are known to run small scale protection schemes as well as hire out for random small time jobs.

  • Neo Anarchists

    The Neo Anarchists have a minimal pressence in Boston. Rumor has it that the Syndicate activitely works to curtail their activities.

    The Neo Anarchists are known for their anti-corporate behavior. Their primary goal is to do everything they can …

  • Sewer Rats

    A small time gang which roams the catacombs under the city. They rarely see the light of day and are not affiliated with [[Dig Town]].