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  • post5

    This is a quick heads up.

    This should not have too large of an impact on info which has already been released, but it could have an impact on the various factions.

    I have just recently obtained a copy of Target UCAS. This is an older …

  • Astral Projection

    There often is confusion regarding the Astral Projection rules.

    While projecting a person is able to view the astral form of the world. This is a colorful place in which technology has almost no footprint. Things which are alive are a rainbow …

  • Selling SWAG

    After most missions you are bound to have obtained a limited amount of SWAG. This is generic loot which can be stolen from your victims.

    Normally you can sell good for 30% of their price.

    Anything which you looted or stole from someone …

  • Campaign Qualities

    There are a few qualities which seem logical in this campaign yet are not actually defined by the official rules.

    This is where they will be listed.

    Positive Qualities

    • Faction Agent (5BP): Since …

  • FAQ

    *Frequently Asked Questions*

    There are various questions which come up and need to be answered. Here you can find answers to some of them, as well as related links.

    *Armor Encumbrance*

    Encumbrance penalties only apply to worn armor. …

  • Skype Sessions

    Due to logistical reasons there are times when it will be more practical to run through skype. Sometimes players simply cannot make it in person, schedules change last minute, or people just find themselves hundreds of miles away. This page will provide …