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  • post3

    This is an OOC summary posting. Only what is incorporated into the wiki iteself can be taken IC.

    It was a run down part of town. Buildings were decaying and the block was dark. The drizzle obscured the stars and the only light came …

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    This is an OOC summary posting. Only what is incorporated into the wiki iteself can be taken IC.

    Jacking in to the NeoNet node was like walking into their office. It looked like any other NeoNet facility, with the sole difference …

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    OOC Posting.

    I wanted to do something a little different for this summery.  After all, a courier job isn't that exciting to read about.

    The lot had a handful of cars and the bar was moderately busy. The dinner …

  • What is Shadowrun

    This section is under development. Right now its just some quick thoughts.

    Unlike some Role Playing Game systems, such as D&D, Shadowrun is not a combat system. While combat plays an intricate part it is much more fluid and open than …

  • Johnson

    This is the generic name for the "anonymous" person who hires a runner to do a job.

    With the proper research, and bribery, it isn't that hard to find out who they are, but its an additional level of safety for a job.

  • Allowed Books

    In order to present a fairly balanced and consistent campaign, the following books are allowed for new characters. Characters which have played before 4/2/12 are not required to change, but all others must follow the following rules. h3. Inexperienced …

  • Mission 2

    Ghost in the Machine

    This is the matrix training mission for new players.

    • Don't let this happen to you.
    • usr/bin/grrl

    >> A grrl after my own heart. I like this one …

  • Mission 3

    Special Delivery

    This is the last of the "newbie" missions which will be run for a while. The goal of this mission is to give players a taste of how things work in the sprawl while introducing some of the more prominent organizations …

  • Security Consultant

    Occasionally corporations have jobs which require the talents of runners but which cannot be hidden from the books. In these instances they hire "Security Consultants" and their background checking is less stringent than normal.

  • Newbie Advice

    This page is dedicated to new player advice.

    Suggested Gear

    • Autopicker (1 per party, or PC with locksmith skill)
    • Maglock Passkey (1 per party, or PC with hardware skill and the proper toolkit.)
    • Sequencer (1 per party …

  • Identity

    Identity plays a major role in Shadowrun. Its a world in which everything you do is tracked and all the various megacorps are constantly profiling people. It can be difficult knowing who to give what name and how to act on the job.

    Most …