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  • post4

    This is an OOC summary posting. Only what is incorporated into the wiki iteself can be taken IC.

    Jacking in to the NeoNet node was like walking into their office. It looked like any other NeoNet facility, with the sole difference …

  • post9

    This session ran a while ago so this will be a brief summery.
    Unless the PCs choose to share the info with you, this is considered fully OOC.

    "This isn't what I signed up for," [[Silas Fisher]] thought to himself. …

  • post19

    Live from our Flyspy in the Sky..

    OOC: if there was a Flyspy in the sky, I’m not saying there was

    We see the makings of an epic gun battle below us. Moments ago a troll fired off an antitank round into the side of the …

  • post26

    _This following is an except from the Knight Errant incident report regarding the events at Crosspoint Towers on May 27th, 2072._ ... Regarding the second incident. We believe the two events were unrelated. Witnesses at the scene revealed that the …

  • Mission 2

    Ghost in the Machine

    This is the matrix training mission for new players.

    • Don't let this happen to you.
    • usr/bin/grrl

    >> A grrl after my own heart. I like this one …

  • Mission 4

    Job Transfer

    Sunday, 04/17/72 4PM

    Hoi Cats,
    Word on the street has you getting a bit banged up on this last run. Hopefully it didn't scare you out of the shadows. 'Specially since I have two new jobs I was asked to …

  • Marc Greenboro

    Marc Greenboro is an employee of [[NeoNet]]. His responsibilities are known to include matrix maintenance and the hiring of [[Security Consultant|security consultants]]. He is often found at [[Club Snow Crash]] and rarely seen in the flesh.

  • Black Wolf

    A newly awoken AI born at NeoNet. It is largely believed he came into existance when a coworker uploaded infected Holloween photos the the obsidian project nexus.

    He was originally intended to be a next generation IC program. He was born in the …

  • Silas Fisher

    A former WMC employee who was part of their Apprenticeship Program.

    He recently changed jobs, with the help of an extraction, to work for NeoNet.

  • NeoNet Dossiers

    OOC Note - If you wish to change or delete information on this page, you should talk to the GM. If you wish to add information that is ok.

    >>Entering Read Only Access System

    >>Welcome to NeoNet server XKCD72.

    > …

  • Lucca T

    Lucca T is a cyberware specialist working for NeoNet. She is known for being rather creative in her designs and ideas, and as such has been responsible for several major advances in the industry.

    Begin ShadowNet Exclusive Info

    It is …