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  • MITT

    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Thaumaturgy is a prominent university in Cambridge, MA. With much of the world commercialized it has remained true to its core root of providing education. Anyone who passes the entrance exams and can …

  • Cerra

    Cerra is a young mage in Boston. She is very petite and easy to underestimate. This is slightly offset by the "sexy soldier" look she sports and the openly worn shoulder holster with pistol and ornate knife worn at her hip.

    Begin …

  • Mission 25

    h3. MIT Public Library h4. OOC Plug "Borrow" a book from MIT and face the Magician mission at the same time. Standard theft mission and your chance to deal with the Magician card on "my" time. This job is working for WMC.

  • Mission 38

    h3. Publishers House Clearing h4. OOC Plug Striking back at price gouging the runners are hired to rob a warehouse and distribute the goods. This is theft on a much larger scale than you are used to. This benefits the denizens of digtown. h4. …