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  • post30

    His security system woke him long before the pounding at his door began. No fewer than six drones were streaming live video feed of the _guest_ and an equal number were on combat standby inside. Recognizing the image he told the combat drones to stand …

  • foxtales4

    _7/14/72_ One night I walked in my roommate while she was "reading" a visual novel. She was really embarrassed by this for some reason. In her flustered state she spent an hour trying to explain the difference between 2D and 3D people to me. Really it …

  • Mission 65

    h3. A Tale of Two Johnsons Hoi Catz, I'm not really sure how to post about this job, I got two Johnsons who basically want the same thing. Seems like they came to some sort of agreement amongst themselves, the first pays cash in full up front …

  • Mission 66

    h3. The Can Opener h4. _Who killed Derek Ryan_ 7/14/72 1PM Hoi Chummers, My employer wants some data and doesn't care how its obtained. This is sure to be a memorable smash and grab. Interested? -Deci NOTE: I may have misspelled the name. I …

  • Personal Objective 2

    h3. Improve Your Mind DATE Hoi Cats! I've just gotten wind of a familiar sounding job. The Johnson's looking for some 'ware and there's only one place in town it can be found. Who wants to help with the pickup? -Lynx

  • Rare Exports Mission

    Recent study of Norse scriptures have brought a return of Santa Claus. Unfortunately for us Santa is much more dire than our upbringing has led us to believe. Can you stop Dire Santa and his horde of 100 elves? _Inspired by the film "Rare Exports"_

  • GMT-Chris-1

    h2. Download and Deliver _Arbitrarily named by J.R., Chris can rename as appropriate._ h3. OOC This mission was initially run as a birthday present from Chris to J.R. The runners had to retrieve a file from a medical facility.