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  • post11

    The team was awed as they entered the [[Golden Shamrock]]. This was a classy place full of strange scents. They did a valient job of pretending they belonged as they we led upstairs to the meeting.

    The enjoyed a fine dinner on Mr. Green's …

  • The Irish Mob

    The O'Rilley Family

    Boston has always had a sizable Irish population, as such an organization was needed to protect their interests. This resulted in the formation of the Irish Mob. Despite competition from [[The Morelli Family]] …

  • Mission 5

    Whack a Mole

    • Bonk! New high score!
    • usr/bin/grrl

    ## Grrr... Can't believe they think you're useful.

    ## Seeker

    Sunday, 04/17/72 4PM

    Hoi Cats,
    Word on the street has you …

  • The Morelli Family

    The Sicilian Mafia based in Northern Boston. They are a relatively weak crime organization in Boston up until crash 2.0 it was questionable whether or not they would maintain any influence.

    Following the crash though, they started focusing …

  • Mr Green

    Mr. Green is a spry old Irish gentleman with a strong grandfatherly presence. His years of living in Boston have largely reduced his accent, though when he gets excited there still are signs of it in his voice.

    He is known to frequently act as …

  • Aaron ODanlin

    A recently deceased informant for Knights Errant. He was discovered with his throat slit hanging over the front gate at a known Knights Errant [[rent1|safehouse]] on April 22nd, 2072.

    Begin ShadowNet Exclusive Info

    Word on the street …

  • Jimmy McAllender

    A short order cook at [[Muldoons Mallet]] in Worcester. He is known to be a chronic debtor at the Seabrook casino.

    Despite, or perhaps because of, his debts he is very loyal to the O'Reily family. That doesn't prevent him from constantly …

  • Mr White

    Alrigo "White" Morelli, better known as "Mr. White" is the Sicilian counter part to [[Mr Green]]. He is the primary Johnson for [[The Morelli Family]].

  • Mission 60

    h3. Choosing Sides -Weds 6/1/72 8PM Looks like this is going to be an exciting week. Though some of you are undoubtedly still recovering from last nights run, I just got wind of another couple jobs. Both Mr. Green and Mr. White have scheduled a …

  • Mission 60B

    h3. Nuyen Running [[Mr Green]] was pleased with the runner's performance. Though they left an obvious mark of hitting the scene there was no direct evidence to tie the Green family to it. After action report available [[post30|here]].

  • The Mafia War

    _This page is IC. Simple research around Boston would reveal this information._ The two mafia families are engaged in a shadow war of sorts. There is a constant tension between the two organization and the Morellis are always trying to get an edge over …