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  • post16

    Boston Globe, 05/01/72

    UCAS Electric would lke to apologize for the service interruptions which occurred this weekend. Due to defective hardware the scheduled system upgrade took longer than expected. The benefits will be …

  • post20

    In an absurd twist of events DigTown was seiged by a massive horde of ghouls. What appeared to be a limitless horde of feral ghouls mindlessly attacked the bazaar Tuesday night. Thanks to the advance warning provided by a handful of runners the bazaar …

  • Dig Town

    After several rounds of budget cuts, and some major structural problems the Big Dig was eventually shut down. They closed off the tunnels for safety and soon after various squatters moved in and made them their home.

    Many rumors circulate about …

  • Daemon

    Daemon is known as "The Demon of [[Dig Town]]". He is a powerful summoner and the only known practicioner of "[[The Demonic Arts]]" in Boston.


    Little is known of Daemon's history. One day the inhabitants of …

  • Sewer Rat 2

    Halloween Special 2010

    Ghouls, ghosts and demons, oh my!

    OOC Plug:

    [[Dig Town]] is under attack. Can you hold off the onslaught until Daemon can turn the tide?

    This would be a survival, hack …

  • Farnsworth Jack

    Jack is a big man (literally, at 6'10' he towers of most) in [[Dig Town]]. He helps ensure things run smoothly with the bazaar and daily amenities. If Dig Town had a recognized leader instead of a commune type atmosphere he would definitely be …