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  • post1

    This is an OOC post and has nothing to do with April 1st.

    Many people have asked me about the different characters who will be played in this campaign. I have been unable to answer up to now.

    I had a mini character help session at WPI for …

  • Character Creation

    Character creation follows the normal rules as outlined in the core rulebook.

    You should have a 400BP character.

    If you want to use any of the more "exotic" options from _Runner's Companion_ you should talk to me first. …

  • Character Advancement


    This will be a low karma / slow advancement campaign.

    You can expect to earn between 3 and 10 karma per mission, with the average being closer to 5.

    Each "game week" you can improve one skill or attribute. …

  • day job

    This is a quality that players are recommended to take if they expect they will miss sessions.

    Time still passes even when you don't play, and day job allows you to pay your rent.

    The following is the description of the Day Job negative …

  • Character Pages

    Players are encouraged to make pages on the wiki for their character. Keep in mind these pages are your public face. Unless it is clearly labeled as secret or OOC it is possible for NPCs to learn the information.

  • Allowed Books

    In order to present a fairly balanced and consistent campaign, the following books are allowed for new characters. Characters which have played before 4/2/12 are not required to change, but all others must follow the following rules. h3. Inexperienced …

  • Secondary Characters

    Recently people have been asking me about running multiple characters. Here are some basic guidelines.

    • Secondary characters are created following all the normal [[Character Creation]] rules.
    • Without special circumstances,a given …

  • Character Creation SR5

    Character creation follows the normal rules as outlined in the core rulebook (p62-107), with one exception. Since we want to keep power levels more or less equal, all new characters created after campaign start will receive some "backpay" in the form of …