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  • post10

    As of IC date 04/27/72 the [[Shadow Market]] is open!

    Check back after every few missions to see what new and exciting items are up for sale!

    Currently we have a reconditioned van looking for a new owner and a lovely three family home for …

  • Shadow Market

    OOC Explanation

    An IC slug will come, but for now I wanted to give the OOC explanation. Occasionally special items will become available to the runners. This items would normally be difficult or expensive to obtain, but for whatever reason …

  • Van1

    Used GMC Bulldog

    MSRP: 45,000 nuyen

    Owner is asking -20,000- 10,000 nuyen for this reconditioned gray van. Van has been modded with rigger adaptation, vehicle tag eraser, improved sensors, personal armor (R5) and rotating …

  • Rent1

    Worcester Appartment for RENT

    Recently entering the market is a three family appartment building. This resilent home has been standing for about 100 years!

    Each floor has a fully furnished living room and kitchen. There are 4 spacious …

  • Buying Goods

    Buying goods can be a very time consuming process both in and out of character. In order to expedite this, and to allow players to handle buying goods on their own, use the following process.

    Unrestricted Items

    There are many items …

  • Animal1

    h3. Gabriel Hound Puppies For Adoption MSRP: 2000 nuyen with 250 nuyen monthly upkeep (with a middle lifestyle / necessities). 400 annual Licensing Fee. Owner has recently come into possession of a litter of [[Gabriel Hound]] puppies. Due to …