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  • Sewer Rat 1

    Sewer Rat Special Sept 2010

    Welcome to the Underground

    May 04, 2072

    [[GM]] contacts the Sewer Rats about arranging for safe passage through the underground. The team needs to map a route to an abandoned bomb shelter under …

  • Sewer Rat Missions

    Your fixer [[GM]] always told you to avoid the sewers, that nothing but death and suffering awaited you there. You refused to listen though, and proved him wrong as you ventured into the darkness and thrived no matter how far you explored.

  • Shelter

    A squatter settlement in an abandoned bomb shelter deep underground. The Sewer Rats were hired to locate it in early May of 2072.

  • Sewer Rat 2

    Halloween Special 2010

    Ghouls, ghosts and demons, oh my!

    OOC Plug:

    [[Dig Town]] is under attack. Can you hold off the onslaught until Daemon can turn the tide?

    This would be a survival, hack …

  • Sewer Rat 3

    h3. Shelter "If life in the city is hard, life under it is downright brutal. That is where you come in; the people of shelter need your help securing their new home." _OOC: A Hack and Slash Shadowrun mission running at "Templecon":http://templecon. …