Tag: NeoAnarchists


  • Lucian Dirge

    OOC Note: This character was originally created by Aaron Pavao for the GenCon 2010 Shadowrun Scramble.

    Lucian is a high ranking NeoAnarchist who is originally from the New York sprawl. He is an excellent source of information on just …

  • Perpetual Deviation

    A popular dark industro-dance band which is local to Boston. Lyrically their music focuses on the experiance of being crushed in the corporate world and how we are all slaves to the machine.

    They are best known for their 2070 release, " …

  • Bounce Miranda

    Life is a game, lets play!

    Bounce is a young social adept who has spent much of her life exploring North America. She is on a constant quest to find new and exciting adventures. Her travels eventually led her to the NeoAnarchists. …