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    I had the second on campus character help session and it looks like we will soon be ready to begin.

    The WPI crew have their characters created more or less. I have to give most of them final approval still, but they exist.

    I know at least …

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    This is an OOC summary posting. Only what is incorporated into the wiki iteself can be taken IC.

    It was a run down part of town. Buildings were decaying and the block was dark. The drizzle obscured the stars and the only light came …

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    This is an OOC summary posting. Only what is incorporated into the wiki iteself can be taken IC.

    Jacking in to the NeoNet node was like walking into their office. It looked like any other NeoNet facility, with the sole difference …

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    OOC Posting.

    I wanted to do something a little different for this summery.  After all, a courier job isn't that exciting to read about.

    The lot had a handful of cars and the bar was moderately busy. The dinner …

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    This session ran a while ago so this will be a brief summery.
    Unless the PCs choose to share the info with you, this is considered fully OOC.

    "This isn't what I signed up for," [[Silas Fisher]] thought to himself. …

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    The team was awed as they entered the [[Golden Shamrock]]. This was a classy place full of strange scents. They did a valient job of pretending they belonged as they we led upstairs to the meeting.

    The enjoyed a fine dinner on Mr. Green's …

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    Boston Globe, 05/01/72

    UCAS Electric would lke to apologize for the service interruptions which occurred this weekend. Due to defective hardware the scheduled system upgrade took longer than expected. The benefits will be …

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    May 01, 2072

    Shirley Summers, Horizon Press

    In a bold move, [[Perpetual Deviation]] faced its [[Neo Anarchists]] roots at last Saturday's show. The crowd was warmed up to the musical stylings of ...

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    Live from our Flyspy in the Sky..

    OOC: if there was a Flyspy in the sky, I’m not saying there was

    We see the makings of an epic gun battle below us. Moments ago a troll fired off an antitank round into the side of the …

  • post20

    In an absurd twist of events DigTown was seiged by a massive horde of ghouls. What appeared to be a limitless horde of feral ghouls mindlessly attacked the bazaar Tuesday night. Thanks to the advance warning provided by a handful of runners the bazaar …

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    The van shook as it drove, the force of the explosion and small debris reaching a block away. The runners glanced back at their handiwork, eyes straining to see through the thick smoke. They may have used too much explosives after all... The windows on …

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    _This following is an except from the Knight Errant incident report regarding the events at Crosspoint Towers on May 27th, 2072._ ... Regarding the second incident. We believe the two events were unrelated. Witnesses at the scene revealed that the …

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    The battered red pickup pulled into the storage garage. Cerra was very glad she'd rented a safe house to keep the puppies, she couldn’t imagine taking them all to her apartment. As she began unloading the puppies she almost immediately regretted not …

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    *June 6th, 2072* Lucian smiled to himself as the runners left to plan for his job. He could only imagine the chaos that would ensue from the runners stealing a tank and driving it 30 miles down the highway. This was sure to be a swift and decisive blow …

  • foxtales3

    *June 8th, 2072* Konnichiwa Friends! Welcome to this exciting third entry of Fox Tales. To those of you who haven't visited my little corner of the 'trix before, I'm Kit. I'm relatively new to the exciting city of Boston! I don't know about you, …

  • Mission 1

    Pest Control

    This is the combat training mission for new players.

    3PM Friday 4/8/72

    The following was posted to BostonShadowNet -

    Hey there kitties, its me again.

    A local street doc is in a bit of a fix and …

  • Mission 2

    Ghost in the Machine

    This is the matrix training mission for new players.

    • Don't let this happen to you.
    • usr/bin/grrl

    >> A grrl after my own heart. I like this one …

  • Mission 3

    Special Delivery

    This is the last of the "newbie" missions which will be run for a while. The goal of this mission is to give players a taste of how things work in the sprawl while introducing some of the more prominent organizations …

  • Mission 4

    Job Transfer

    Sunday, 04/17/72 4PM

    Hoi Cats,
    Word on the street has you getting a bit banged up on this last run. Hopefully it didn't scare you out of the shadows. 'Specially since I have two new jobs I was asked to …

  • Mission 5

    Whack a Mole

    • Bonk! New high score!
    • usr/bin/grrl

    ## Grrr... Can't believe they think you're useful.

    ## Seeker

    Sunday, 04/17/72 4PM

    Hoi Cats,
    Word on the street has you …

  • Mission 6


    Wednesday, 4/27/72 3PM

    Hoi Chummers,
    A friend of mine suggested I post here seeking some help.
    The people of Digtown have scraped together enough cred to hire a small team for a job.
    We need an …

  • Mission X


    This is an experiment. There will be two missions which happen IC in parallel. One will impact the other. Think you can deal with it?

    I am unsure when this will run, but it will probably be a long time off. 

  • Mission 2B


    This is a placeholder in case players want a driving training mission.

  • Mission 8

    Ghoul Gate

    The job is simple, retrieve some relics from a local cemetary.

    OOC Disclaimer - Inspired by one of Neil Gaiman's stories. This mission involves dimension hopping and counts as a metaplaner quest for Mage Initiation. Non …

  • Mission 9

    Starship Troopers


    • Instead of a Mr. Johnson, we're going to have a Mr. Heinlein. Does that make me a Stranger in a Strange Land, or does one have to be Awakened first? I'm not even Martian.
    • usr/bin/grrl
  • Mission 10

    Low Man's Lyric

    04/27/72 10PM

    Hey Catz,
    This one's coming from our friends down at The Dead End.
    There's a big show coming up this Saturday and they are a bit short staffed.
    It seems their normal security …

  • Mission 12

    Eyes of the Beholder

    • Within lies beauty.
    • usr/bin/grrl

    May 10, 2071

    Hoi cats,
    Looks like you've gotten the notice of a few more players in the game we call life. I was " …

  • Mission 11

    h3. Guilty as SIN h4. OOC Plug While discussing plans for how to collect the bounties on Phobos and Deimos the runners decided it would be a good idea to do something about their backing by the Knights. They decided to try and frame the duo so that …

  • Mission 13

    h3. Dollhouse h4. OOC Plug You are hired to "replace" a security team at a location in order to complete your true objective. Can you meet your goals without blowing your cover?

  • Mission 16

    h3. 48 Hours IC TIME: 5/25/72 1PM Hoi Catz, This just came down the wire and its HOT. An old friend has a highly time sensitive extraction he needs done. The meet's on the 'trix at 3PM. There will be a private node waiting at [[Club Snow Crash| …

  • Mission 17

    h3. Street Sweeping h4. OOC Plug Slaughter (or talk) all the way. The runners are hired to clear out a gang from a neighborhood. A stategic approach and at least one epic combat. Should this be selected, players will have the chance to vote for the …

  • Mission 18

    Falling Towers

    This has officially been re-categorized as EXPERIMENTAL. This mission will be running -entirely- partially through [[Skype Sessions|Skype]].

    Crosspoint Towers falling down

    Falling down, Falling …

  • Mission 20

    h3. Knight for a Day h4. OOC Plug The Knights are looking to deal a blow to their competitors and the first step is sending a message to EE Security. There are two versions of this mission, one where you hit them on the job (Hard Rock), another …

  • Mission 22

    Knife and Candle

    You've been invited to play a game...

    OOC Disclaimer - This will be a high risk mission in which your goal is escape/survival. You only get paid if you win. You are STRONGLY advised to do rsearch once it is …

  • Mission 24

    Grand Theft Robo

    For some grrls size really DOES matter...

    OOC Player requested mission concept!

    • Can I drive?
    • usr/bin/grrl

  • Mission 25

    h3. MIT Public Library h4. OOC Plug "Borrow" a book from MIT and face the Magician mission at the same time. Standard theft mission and your chance to deal with the Magician card on "my" time. This job is working for WMC.

  • Mission 29

    Animal House

    Everything gets out alive!

    or as close to it? >>Unknown Tagger

    5/31/72 1PM Hey there, The perfect gift for someone important to me has just arrived and I need to hire a few good men (though I …

  • Mission 30

    h3. Highway to Hell h4. OOC Email Plug Every so often its important to remind PCs that they aren't invincible. The runners have been captured and find themselves gearless inside a Knights Errant holding facility. Can they escape with their rep …

  • Mission 31

    h3. The House on The Hill h4. OOC Plug The house is haunted and rumored to have treasure, what's not to like?

  • Mission 32

    h3. Midnight Meat Train h4. OOC Plug Interfere with Tanamous shipping operations

  • Mission 35

    Wolf's Moon

    Formerly - Canis

    • OoC: I hope it makes more sense than Wolf's Rain.
    • Psion_Rogue
    • The wolves in that show all had the innate spell "mask (metahuman form, self only)"
    • Or in …

  • Mission 36

    Horse Power

    occ - shadowrun does not have enough unicorns! - Farywl
    • If it was out-of-character, why did you sign it in-character?
    • Psion_Rogue
    cause most people don't know my name here, but fine.

  • Mission 37

    Walk Softly

    An extraction needs to be performed on a specific day with the utmost secrecy. Don't forget your B&E supplies!

    OOC Note: This is capped at 4 players and is expected to be under 4 hours.

  • Mission 38

    h3. Publishers House Clearing h4. OOC Plug Striking back at price gouging the runners are hired to rob a warehouse and distribute the goods. This is theft on a much larger scale than you are used to. This benefits the denizens of digtown. h4. …

  • Mission 39

    Escape Velocity

    Sometimes the drek really hits the fan and you have no choice but to act immediately. A contact sends out a cry for help, do you heed the call?

    OOC: This is inspired by the GenCon 2010 Tournament. Players who volunteer …

  • Birtolo 1

    Bringer of War

    OOC: This mission will be a test run for a oneshot I hope to run at a future Gen Con based off of Dylan Birtolo's books Shadow Chasers and Bringer of War. 

  • Mission 42


    • OoC: I can handle Yuan-Ti wannabes, but I call _Touched By GM_ (i.e. God) if they can shoot bees out of their hands.
    • Psion_Rogue

  • Mission Index

    |_.Mission |_.Scheduled |_.Download| |[[Mission 4|Job Transfer]] |Ran 06/25/10 | |[[Mission 5|Whack a Mole]] |Ran 07/31/10 | |[[Mission 6|Enlightenment]] |Ran 08/28/10 | |[[Mission 7|Dirty Magic]]| |[[Mission 8|Ghoul Gate]]| |[[Mission 9|Starship …

  • Sewer Rat 1

    Sewer Rat Special Sept 2010

    Welcome to the Underground

    May 04, 2072

    [[GM]] contacts the Sewer Rats about arranging for safe passage through the underground. The team needs to map a route to an abandoned bomb shelter under …

  • Mission 46

    h3. Fire and Brimstone h4. OOC Plug An expedition to obtain magical goods, the runners must safely escourt the assaying team to their destination and aid in any way they can. This mission can be pursued for several different factions, Prof Creaks ( …

  • Newbie Missions

    • [[Mission 1|Pest Control]] - Ran 04/16/10
    • [[Mission 2|Ghost in the Machine]] - Ran 05/05/10
    • [[Mission 2B|Marathon]]
    • [[Mission 3|Special Delivery]] - Ran 05/29/10

  • Oneshot Missions

    h2. Media Inspired |_.Mission |_.Scheduled |_.Download| |[[Birtolo 1| Bringer of War]] || |[[Kenson 1| Born to Run]] || |[[Rare Exports Mission|Rare Exports: The Truth Behind Santa]] || h2. "Historical" Events |_.Mission |_.Scheduled |_. …

  • Sewer Rat Missions

    Your fixer [[GM]] always told you to avoid the sewers, that nothing but death and suffering awaited you there. You refused to listen though, and proved him wrong as you ventured into the darkness and thrived no matter how far you explored.

  • Mission 47

    Jury Duty

    One of your own is on trial and another on the witness stand. Somehow or another you found your way on the jury.

    The shadow community is taking bets how it turns out...

    OOC: This is an experimental mission. It will be …

  • Mission 48

    h3. Imaginary Friends h4. OOC Plug -For those of you who don't think I impose enough morally ambiguous missions, this job involves abducting a child.- Being a shadowrunner sometimes you need to leave your morals at the door. This job involves …

  • Personal Objective Missions

    The nature of this campaign allows for players to have personal objectives. This objectives can be expressed throughout the normal missions, through individual role play, or though entire missions.

    If your character has a job they feel needs to …

  • Mission 50

    Party Crashing

    May 10, 2072

    Hoi cats,
    Looks like you've gotten the notice of a few more players in the game we call life. I was "discretely" contacted and was "asked" to deliver a message.

  • Sewer Rat 2

    Halloween Special 2010

    Ghouls, ghosts and demons, oh my!

    OOC Plug:

    [[Dig Town]] is under attack. Can you hold off the onslaught until Daemon can turn the tide?

    This would be a survival, hack …

  • Mission 56

    Wet Work

    OOC: I want to see if the runners can successfully steal a boat. Not just anyboat, a slow moving cargo freighter.

  • Mission 57


    The team is hired to retrieve a snake from the woods of New Hampshire. _OOC: This is a high risk mission_

  • Kenson 1

    h3. Born to Run __OOC: This mission(s) will be based off Stephen Kenson's "new" Shadowrun trilogy and would be run at CTCon 2011.__

  • Sewer Rat 3

    h3. Shelter "If life in the city is hard, life under it is downright brutal. That is where you come in; the people of shelter need your help securing their new home." _OOC: A Hack and Slash Shadowrun mission running at "Templecon":http://templecon. …

  • Mission 60

    h3. Choosing Sides -Weds 6/1/72 8PM Looks like this is going to be an exciting week. Though some of you are undoubtedly still recovering from last nights run, I just got wind of another couple jobs. Both Mr. Green and Mr. White have scheduled a …

  • Mission 60B

    h3. Nuyen Running [[Mr Green]] was pleased with the runner's performance. Though they left an obvious mark of hitting the scene there was no direct evidence to tie the Green family to it. After action report available [[post30|here]].

  • Mission 62

    h3. Sea Quest _"Holy Diver You've been down too long in the midnight sea Oh what's becoming of me"_ Dam Apollo can handle this sort of, but etrine needs to buy a underwater gun! T.T Also nothing can hear you scream underwater, or at least nothing …

  • Personal Objective 1

    h3. The Uninvited June 29, 2072 5PM After a hard run you typically just want to sit back, relax, and recover your stun. Unfortunately this time when you arrived at home all hell broke loose... Looks like there's no rest for the wicked. You pull out …

  • Mission 63

    h3. The Expedition Word on the street has spread that there is a heavy interest in animals. One of your contacts has a line on where a pack of Barghest can be found and they are willing to sell the info but it won't come cheap. If you are willing to …

  • Mission 64

    h3. Garage Sale Date: 1PM on June 5, 2072. Hoi Chummers I was browsing car sales the other day and came across the PERFECT vehicle. The only problem is its not for sale. Think I could get a handful of you to help me out? -[[Lucian Dirge|Lucian]] …

  • Deck of Cards

    Recently rumors of a man known as [[Tarot]] have been circulating on the streets. Apparently he has been funding random jobs, only he never actually tells you what the job is. You receive a Tarot card and you get paid if you succeed, you never even see …

  • Deck of Cards Rules

    The rules for this plot arc are still under development and these are considered Experimental Missions. Each card mission is numbered and they must be completed in order. In fact the following mission will not unlock until the current mission has been …

  • The Fool

    Doing some basic legwork reveals that The Fool card has been available since May 1st, 2072. Its available at a secured matrix node in which access can be purchased for 50 nuyen and its known that the team which completes it will receive 10,000 nuyen plus …

  • Zombie Challenge 1

    h3. Zombie Survival Challenge Think you can handle a zombie invasion? Now is the time to find out! Enter the ZombieTron1000 and see how long you last. _OOC: This is a oneshot with no penalties, the ZombieTron1000 is an advanced combat simulation. …

  • The Magician

    h4. Friday June 10th Following a freak electrical storm on the June 8th the streets have been a buzz with news. Rumor has it someone has FINALLY completed [[The Fool]] and that the next mission is available. Word on the street is that a machine which …

  • Fifth Edition Oneshots

    Fifth Edition Oneshots is a stand-alone campaign designed to play the various official one shot missions. These are primary intended to be used as practice for conventions and as GM training. To that purpose they MANDATE balanced experience parties. In …