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  • Dig Town

    After several rounds of budget cuts, and some major structural problems the Big Dig was eventually shut down. They closed off the tunnels for safety and soon after various squatters moved in and made them their home.

    Many rumors circulate about …

  • MITT

    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Thaumaturgy is a prominent university in Cambridge, MA. With much of the world commercialized it has remained true to its core root of providing education. Anyone who passes the entrance exams and can …

  • Catacombs

    The catacombs are the remains of the old city subway system. The true extent of them is unknown due to lost records and they are nearly impossible to navigate without a guide. For those fortunate enough to have a guide they can be used to get virtually …

  • Logan Airport

    Logan Internation Airport handles all air traffic in and out of Boston Metroplex.

    Based off Target: UCAS which is property of FASA corporation

  • The Dead End

    The Dead End is a very popular bar and night club located in the [[Logan warehouse district]].

    The bar opens at 10:30 AM daily and has a full grill to service the lunch and dinner needs of the warehouse and airport workers. Last call is at 1AM …

  • Club Snow Crash

    A matrix club whose nexi are physically based in Boston. The club is very popular with the hacker elite as well as wage slave hacker wannabes.

    Depending on the section of the club you are in, the music can vary drastically. The main node is …

  • Blood

    An underground (literally) club run by ghouls for ghouls. * I imagine it's like "this":http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUbwTT5Too4. * Psion_Rogue

  • Golden Shamrock

    The Golden Shamrock is a fine dining establishment serving the needs of the upper middle class. The restaurant has a strict no weapons policy which is efficiently enforced by the Knights Errant. Customers who feel the need to travel armed can rent a …

  • Seabrook Casino

    Often refered to as the "Seabrook Facility" this is a sizable casino just past the border of New Hampshire.

  • Rent1

    Worcester Appartment for RENT

    Recently entering the market is a three family appartment building. This resilent home has been standing for about 100 years!

    Each floor has a fully furnished living room and kitchen. There are 4 spacious …

  • Irish Times

    A seedy bar in downtown Worcester. The clientelle is almost exclusively Irish and it tends to attract rough and rowdy individuals.

    [[Mickey Finn]] is a part time bartender at the location.

    This bar is known to have no faction affiliations …

  • Seabrook Station

    Nuclear power planet located in Seabrook. As the largest Nuclear facility in the New England region, it provides a substancial amount of power to Boston.

    Seabrook Station is a walled compound by the coastline. It is owned and opporated by UCAS …

  • Shelter

    A squatter settlement in an abandoned bomb shelter deep underground. The Sewer Rats were hired to locate it in early May of 2072.

  • Dead End Apartments

    The warehouse in which [[The Dead End]] Bar and Club is located is a huge building. As such in order to make the most use of its space, an apartment was constructed next to the bar.

    Until recently this four bedroom apartment was only inhabited …

  • Minado

    A Japanese seafood buffet located West of Boston proper. It is part of a sizable restaurant chain.

  • Crosspoint Towers

    Crosspoint towers it a set of office buildings located in Lowell. It consists of three connected towers, the central one being 14 stories tall, and the others are each 13 stories tall. There are many different small corporations housed in this facility …

  • Pier 201

    Pier 201 is also known as the Poison Pier. Doing background research on it is a little confusing. There is the surface story and the true story. According to the public reports there was an industrial accident with a tanker at this pier in 2070. The …

  • Logan warehouse district

    The Logan warehouse district is slightly misnamed. It is actually part of South Boston about 1 mile from the old Harbor. This is close enough to Boston proper that the area isn't heavily segregated like the rest of "southie" and due to recent development …

  • Chiplotl

    Chiplotl is a chain of Aztec-themed (they call it "inspired") restaurants that can be found in or near almost any urbanized area throughout North America, most of eastern Europe, and pockets of South America. They specialize in a variety of similarly …