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    *June 8th, 2072* Konnichiwa Friends! Welcome to this exciting third entry of Fox Tales. To those of you who haven't visited my little corner of the 'trix before, I'm Kit. I'm relatively new to the exciting city of Boston! I don't know about you, …

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    Welcome to Fox Tales! You can call me Kit and this is about life in the Boston sprawl. Enjoy! * [[foxtales1|Have Box Will Travel]] * [[foxtales2|At least the food was good...]] * [[foxtales3|Toxic Party!]] * [[foxtales4|Two D Girls DO Exist!]]

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    h3. Have Box Will Travel _May 5th, 2072_ Flying is no fun at all. They put you in a little box and then they put the box into a completely dark room. Its loud, and stuffy, and the next thing you know your ears are popping! And they didn't strap it …