Shadow Lives

Editable Character Sheet

I wanted to share a helpful tool for character generation.
Editable PDF Character Sheet

You can use this sheet rather than a handwritten sheet for your characters.

It will be very helpful for me with convention work, since my handwriting can be… difficult.

The author also provides the source code and tools for further developing it if anyone is so inclined. He has since stopped improving it.

Extrae, extrae! Copycat ran out of toner!
OoC Post

A third Mayan Cutter started butchering people again in downtown Seattle, but the runners managed to track him down to the depths of the Ork Underground and bring him to justice. Street justice, mostly, but the dastard was alive at hand-off, so it still counts. In addition to cutting the newest Cutter’s murder spree, they even managed to save the life of his latest victim-to-be (and their Johnson’s wife).


  • Flashbang (Rich)
  • Jimmy (Amanda)
  • Autumn (J.R.)
  • Dogmeat (Chris)


  • 9,000¥ each for the run itself
  • 2,000¥ each for bringing the Cutter back alive
  • 2,000¥ each for saving Mrs. MacCallister (unwittingly, but Mr. MacCallister doesn’t need to know that)
  • 3 karma for completing all objectives (including the secret one)


Everyone except Autumn gains +2 Loyalty for MacCallister (to a max of 4); Autumn gains William MacCallister (Fixer) as a contact at C6L2. Everyone can add Tosh Athack (Knight Errant Officer) as a contact at C5L1 (Autumn at L2 for actually managing to charm him).

Gaming Weekend Plug

Since a few of you might be interested, as usual I’ll be running a shadowrun game at Gaming Weekend.
Gaming weekend is this coming weekend. I am scheduled to run at 8PM Saturday.

I will be running FIFTH EDITION. (Assuming I finish reading the rules by then)

The mission is a published adventure, not part of the normal campaign. There will be pregenned characters (from the book). I recommend using them though if you really want to make your own character I won’t stop you.

Shadowrun Fifth Edition: Manhunt
The runners are hired to haul ass out to the Barrens and bail ex-Lone Star Officer Hua out from under a paracritter siege.

An important note, if I remember the mission right, the Barrens are largely a dead zone. There will be little need for hacking.

Shadowrun Lockdown
OOC Post

This is a quick post.

I have just learned that Shadowrun Online’s sourcebook, Lockdown, will be set in Boston.

I am currently working my contacts to see if its too late to get involved, it probably is, but I’d love to see some of my fluff become cannon.

If any of you can find extra info, please share!

This is the info from the SRO Kickstarter
One thing we need to do in order to keep control is to lock you down in certain locations. All MMOs do this in one way or the other (the world geography ends at some point, areas unlock over time), but we went all the way and actually lock you down as a story element. In fact, even the campaign book for SRO will be called Lockdown! Instead of finding some weird mechanic to stop you from veering off the course, we actually decided to make that a cornerstone of the story: The city you play in is on lockdown. Nobody gets in or out. And this means resources are scarce and a lot of Johnsons need extra hands to help them, as most law-keeping forces and corp armies have their hands full enforcing the lockdown. With a total lockdown, a lot of things (including most virtual connections) get cut off, which means fewer prying eyes. An ideal situation for people with shady businesses to get their work done, for gangs to take advantage, for old feuds to be settled (the hard way), for power grabs and for straight forward havoc on the streets. The city is plunged into chaos, as violence erupts amidst a desperate struggle between several corps, who hire every disposable asset they can. This equals a lot of blood in the streets and even more work for the Shadows. And so, a city is left to its own devices while a shadow war wages… who wouldn’t want to be part of this?

And, to give you a little teaser of the story, it all starts with a blurry trideo recordings of a dragon suddenly emerging from an underground complex in mid-town, writhing in agony and then going totally crazy, killing hundreds of people in a mad frenzy, laying waste to a corporate arcology, leaving a weird trace of iridescent rain… and a whole city having to deal with the aftermath. Welcome to Shadowrun Online: LOCKDOWN!

SR:R Character Submission
OOC Post

Harebrained Studios, the company making Shadowrun Returns, is seeking character names!
I thought some of you would be interested in this.

“Help us fill out our roster of hire-able Shadowrunners! We need a long list (over 100) of runner names and short descriptions (108 characters only – please count, the form won’t do it for you!). We’ll match the names and descriptions to our runner portraits so we won’t need (or accept) physical descriptions. Enter as many names as you like. Feel free to use characters from your game but don’t use any from Shadowrun fiction. We don’t want to mess with canon. Thanks!”

Click here

I’m submitting a bunch of NPCs (with some liberties taken). I’m not submitting any of your characters, but if you are interested you should!

Count your characters! The form doesn’t.

Here’s who I’ve submitted thus far. I’ll update the list as I add more.

If there are any others you want me to submit, let me know!

They will probably receive thousands of submissions, but who knows, maybe some of them will become cannon.

Marc Greenboro
Male / Human / Rigger
A chromed out “Transportation” specialist for the corps by day, drone rigger by night.

Female / Human / Mage
A pyromancer whose looks are as hot as her skills. She’ll use all her “assets” to get the job done.

Goldgar (One of my coworkers)
Male / Dwarf / Decker
A corporate drone who developed anarchist tendencies after years of working tech support.

Male / Troll / Shaman
A demonic looking troll obsessed with summoning spirits to increase his power.

Sealie (My dog)
Male / Elf / Adept
A man of endless energy whose as lethal with his bare hands as most are with a blade.

Pound Sand (Random name I liked)
Male / Dwarf / Rigger
Former UCAS Rigger who was discharged for excessive use of force. Explosions are his answer to everything.

Misha Salsbury (Character I was using in short stories)
Female / Human / Decker
A highly professional, if picky about who she works with, technology wiz seeking to supplement her income.

Bounce Miranda
Female / Elf / Adept
A youthful runner on an endless quest for adventure. She’ll take any job and she works for cheap.

Evan Eye
Male / Human / Sam
A security expert who is more than willing to apply excessive force if the job calls for it.

Professor Julian Creaks
Male / Human / Mage
An intellectual wizard who takes odd jobs to fund his research, especially if they further his studies.

Time Marches On.
OOC Post

I owe everyone another mission write up for “Survivalist Tendencies.” What I can tell you now is that the PC’s solution was to call in a favor with a Mercenary Group and essentially carpet bomb the target.

Not sure why they were so jumpy, maybe that had ants in their pants!

Hopefully I’ll get that written up sometime this week. The next mission in the current arc will run at Gaming Weekend. This should be the epic conclusion to the first half of the arc. Granted I am still working on the “epic” side of things.

Another topic of note is that I had a bunch of shadowrun fiction posted on live journal, but they have been purging journals lately. To preserve the stories I have moved them here. If you are curious you can look at Misha’s entry. They are rough drafts and need a lot of work, but they also provided an additional glimpse into the setting. “The Misadventures of Misha” is the first time I started crafting Boston as a setting.

Lastly I have mentioned this to some people directly, but I figured I would put it out in the open. I am looking to update some of the setting so you may find some unexpected changes to the wiki. Part of this is searching through shadowrun cannon to make sure my setting is “correct”, so if you know of any shadowrun references to Boston, let me know!

Another part is that I am looking to retire some NPCs and considering who their logical successors will be from the current group of “heroes”. Keep that in mind. :P

This is in preparation for 5th edition.

EE Security Issues.
OOC Post

OOC NOTE: This summary combines the results from two sessions. Its more amusing this way.

Tossing the report on the table, “This is a nightmare!” Evan exclaimed.

Rapidly flipping through the report and selecting pages:

  • “We allow an individual to schedule an appointment with no background vetting.”
  • “Someone pretending to be a customer deliberately floods our bathroom before starting a firefight in our lobby.”
  • “The Troll Plumber, who was obviously a fake, throwing a fit and plunging our guard’s head.”
  • “Two runners kick in our backdoor and burst into the cafeteria during a meeting and somehow escape the dozen guards present.”
  • “Someone bribes a neighbor for access to their apartment and proceeds to shoot frozen pigeons through the windows.”
  • “Our netops worker was busy playing Quake2070 and ends up dying from electrocution.”
  • “And to top it off they access our internal server grabbing confidential data.”

“At least one of the runners had the decency to tell us about it. They thought it was an authorized security test.”

Practically growling as he slammed his fists into the desk Evan shouted, “That just makes it worse! Not only were we hit, but we were hit by a group of idiots!”

A clandestine meeting.

Those named in this story can consider it IC knowledge. All others are to interpret it as OOC.
A large wooden table dominated the center of the room. Four of the six sturdy oak chairs were occupied, and a fifth was pushed away from the table. The long shadows cast by the dim lamplight seemed to emphasize the seriousness of the mood. The men around the table waited patiently until a wizened man with pure white hair and a long flowing beard gave a nod to the girl standing at the head of the table.

The scene could easily have been a student giving her dissertation to faculty staff, in fact that is how it was supposed to appeared. The actual matter at hand was more serious, and very few in the room had an affiliation with MIT&T.

Idly turning a gear on her bracelet, the blond spoke, “We are concerned. During his patrol last night at The Estate, Simon Felix reported a change in the energy at the grounds. To a Magician the area normally feels twisted with a aura of Terror mixed with Curiosity. Last night it merely felt dark. He described it as if part of the house’s soul was missing.”

At that the bearded man and the dwarf leaned forward more attentively, they knew the nature of that estate, and that could have very serious magical implications. The elf and the ork seemed less moved, the elf seemed to be more action oriented and the ork had the air of a grizzled war veteran.

“Following standard protocol Simon commanded Yip Yap to investigate.” The scorn in her voice made it clear to all in the room that Yip Yap was a spirit rather than one of the security guards. The veteran gave a small nod of approval, he had heard what happened last time someone entered the house after dark, especially this close to a full moon.

“Surprisingly Yip Yap returned unharmed from its foray into the house and reported that Subjects Two and Three were no longer present.”

The Dwarf cleared his throat, and spoke once he gained the group’s attention. “So what you are saying is that a Nightmare and a Muse which were both bound to a location are now unaccounted for?”

“Yes. Two f***ing shadow spirits are somewhere in my city. Now if you will let me continue…” She glared briefly before speaking once more, “At dawn an elite squad was sent in to investigate. The resistance was much weaker than previous attempts and Subject One was dealt with.” Her eyes seemed to glow with a sadistic sense of pleasure as she spoke, the emotion strong enough to send a chill down the spine of those who were magically aware in the room.

“It was discovered that certain research files and records were missing and that the two missing monsters had formed spirit pacts enabling them to leave.”

Now the elf was the one who seemed attentive while the ork seemed lost in thought, as if he were planning some manner of military excursion.

“While we had expected some sort of action at the estate, this is different than predicted. Provided there are no objections, we will be implementing Dive Protocol.” Her tone implied that there would be no objections and none spoke up.

“Professor, Maynard, see that Kharn is able to get to location B without being detected and ensure he has all research material he needs. Once Kharn and the relic are secure, you are to go about your normal routine Professor. Maynard you are to take point topside. I expect you to keep your eyes and ears open. Etrine, we want you on standby at a moments notice. Questions?”

There were none and the group quickly disbursed.

Dig Town in Media
OOC Post

A quick note since I have been so quiet lately.

First off, the subject of the post – Dig Town in Media

If you have watched the series Bones, in the first season there is an excellent example of what Dig Town would be like.

Episode 16 – The Woman in the Tunnel

There is an entire community living under the streets of DC. It also shows how convoluted the tunnel systems are. I will try and extract some images for Shadow Lives 2080.

Which brings me to my second point – the future of my shadowrun campaign.
Currently I am working through an 8 mission arc. I’ve told everyone about this already. Once that finishes, time passes. This will give me an excuse for a fresh, fifth edition, start.

Once that happens, I plan on having two parallel campaigns. The primary campaign will be a closed campaign. We will have a set group of 6 players and there won’t be random people coming and going each session. The secondary campaign will be a series of convention one shots. They will fit in the overall setting but not advance plot and people can come and go as they please.

But I don’t want to leave everyone in the lurch. I am looking into handing off the setting for a couple IC years. Alex has expressed an interest in running a campaign which would allow those of you who are hesitant to reset a chance to continue on. That is assuming the current arc doesn’t kill you off ;)

More detail will follow later. My schedule is really messed up from conventions, weather, and colds. I hope to post some fluff mission wrap ups this coming week. I still owe post session write ups for “Estate Sale” and “Beware the Auditors”.

Shadowrun 2013
OOC Post

I’ve been very quiet on the Shadowrun front lately, being focused on my Savage Worlds game, but I have some news which needs to be shared.

- Shadowrun: Crossfire, The Adventure Deckbuilding Game.

- Shadowrun, Fifth Edition RPG
- Shadowrun Returns (Old School Style computer game)
- Shadowrun Online

- Shadowrun: Sprawl Gangers (Tactical Miniatures game. Necromunda anyone?)

Spring 2014
- Shadowrun: Hostile Takeover (Euro-Style board game)

I can’t guarantee any dates for these releases, I know as little as you at this point, and even if I knew more I couldn’t say. (NDA)

Still, its a big year coming up.

Also, an additional tidbit for you… Arisia and Templecon are coming up. I’m writing a new mission for each con and need to test them sometime in early January.

Arisia: Beware the Auditors
Building security is the bane of every runners existence, few and far between are the jobs that don’t devolve into a firefight. At least this time you know what you are getting in to, an agent of EE Security hires you for an internal “audit”

Templecon: Templecon Tryst
Not all jobs involve breaking the law, sometimes there’s a more traditional bodyguard job. Though why the Johnson hired 6 runners for protection at a convention is beyond you…

Happy New Year!


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