Shadow Lives

Assistant GM Needed

This is obviously OOC.

Next year at Connecticon (first week of July) I need  a second Shadowrun GM. There was more interest than I could handle on my own.

You would be provided the missions to run, and I should be able to arrange for free con admission. You would be required to run four 4 hour sessions.

If you are interested let me know… We can have you run some practice missions for the group before to make sure you feel comfortable with it.


OOC Announcement

This is an OOC announcement.

I will be slow to reply to campaign related messages for the next couple weeks. I am in crunch time for CTCon prep.

I will catch up on messages after Monday 7/11/10.

Before then please vote for the schedule for the Whack a Mole mission! At this point I will lock in a date once I have 4 players voting for the same day.

Please choice between: Friday July 23rd. 7PM, Saturday July 24th. Noon and Saturday July 31st. Noon.


Upcoming Missions

Since we have a sizable player base, I am going to have two missions happening MOST IC weeks. This will hopefully work to allow everyone time to play while spreading the players out over multiple missions.

Towards that end, I need to know what missions people are interested in. I have a poll up with the next 10 missions I intend to run. Please vote for the 5 (or less) you are most interested in.

Feel free to post any comments or thoughts here as well.

Additionally if you wish to "sign up" in advance for any mission place an OOC tag on the mission page in the wiki. If I'm feeling particularly generous I might even add signup sheets. 

Special Delivery

OOC Posting.

I wanted to do something a little different for this summery.  After all, a courier job isn't that exciting to read about.

The lot had a handful of cars and the bar was moderately busy. The dinner rush was on but the club not yet open. None of the commotion reached inside the club and its thick soundproofing. The club proper was locked and empty except for two figures, Cerra and her backer. As they talked their voices were dwarfed by the room's vastness.

"The van's a mess. I expected the scratching but it took more of a beating than that. Did they have anything to tell you?" Cerra's backer prompted.

"They delivered the package successfully and they told us about damaging the van but not how."

Nodding he took a seat and slipped into the vans computer, sitting silently as he scanned the video feed. Cerra stood and watched, doing her best not to squirm as she waited for him to break the silence. Never having rigged, she had no idea what data the van held. She was pretty sure he already knew about her stonewalling one of the runners, but she still hoped he wouldn't find out.

Finally he spoke, his eyes still in the machine, but his mind back in the meat world. "They handled the ghouls nicely. Sound strategy. What did Murdock have to say?"

"He thought they were a bit gun happy, but he was pleased getting paid to have one of his route cleared"

"Any clue how long the ghouls have been active there?"

"Murdock thinks its been a couple days."

"They look too smart to be ferals, hopefully Tamanous isn't starting to move. We'll have to watch them."

Cerra nodded even though she knew he was only half talking to her. He was probably already putting things into motion.

"Did Daemon have anything to say?"

"Nothing. As expected they pretty much got the book and ran. He'll consider working future jobs with them."

"And what of the snipers? They concern me. Any word on or from the Knights?"

Even though he was only half asking her, Cerra replied. "Not a sound."

He frowned, obviously not getting any better intel. "The feed is unclear, I can't trace them… We'll have to wait and see." With a small smile, "at least they handled the drone well. Very creative. How'd the final drop go?"

"They were approached by a WMC buyer but ignored him."

Smiling, "Good."

"Creaks had no complaints."

"Excellent. I'll see about finding this crew a real job in the future. They are better than courier work."

Cerra was just about to breath a sigh of relief when her backer came fully back to the meat world, rose to his feet and continued speaking.
"Oh, and Cerra…"

She looked down, knowing that the long anticipate scolding was about to come.

"Next time DON'T send one of the runners I hire away without a damn good reason."

He paused, his voice softening as he lifted her chin and make her meet his gaze, "Seriously, What's gotten into you? You know better than that."

Cerra dropped her eyes once more, staring at the ground in silence before mumbling her agreement and a reply that her backer couldn't quite understand.

Karma Awards: 3 points each.


  • 10,000 Pay for the group
  • 1500 paid to Murdock as a guide.


This contacts were not earned by everyone, this is just a list of all available.

  • Das
  • Erk
  • Cerra
  • Murdock
  • Daemon 
  • Creaks


  • Emilio (Uncle Em)
  • Paradox
  • Grrl (sent away before the job)
  • Whisper
  • Etrine
  • Lorrel
  • Pyrrhus

Target UCAS

This is a quick heads up.

This should not have too large of an impact on info which has already been released, but it could have an impact on the various factions.

I have just recently obtained a copy of Target UCAS. This is an older source book set in 2052 (we are currently 2072). Once I read through the 20ish pages on Boston I might have to retcon/tweak some of the locations and organizations.

For instance, it actually goes into some detail on organized crime as well as some of the neighborhoods.


Ghost in the Machine
Happy Holloween

This is an OOC summary posting. Only what is incorporated into the wiki iteself can be taken IC.

Jacking in to the NeoNet node was like walking into their office. It looked like any other NeoNet facility, with the sole difference being the horrible wallpaper. The walls were covered in phrases like "Corporate Confidential", "All data is corporate property", and along the lines of "The Corp is Family". Looking carefully at the walls one can't help but wonder if someone is playing some sort of joke on you. Some of the phrases don't fit, they seem a bit too sarcastic.

The icon who waited for the team was a beatifully rendered genericorpse icon. You could count the pores in his nose if you really wanted to. He was relaxed, feet on the desk, waiting and multitasking.

After a quick welcome to the team of "contract employees", and a quick demostration that they shouldn't mess around, he gave them user access to the node containing project Obsidian. The node had been working normally until it faced a heavy slowdown and crashed. On rebooting its performance was strangely better but the architecture was twisted…

With a smirk their contact wished them "Happy Holloween" and logged off, leaving an agent in his place.

Travelling through the gate to the new node, which was issolated from the rest of the matrix, first glance looked completely normal. Closer inspection revealed the presense of multiple "Ghost" agents runnning. They seemed to be scanning every file in the system and communicating that information back to the obsidian process. Looking a little deeper in the team also discovered a handful of "Slasher" agents running. The agents were databombing ever file on the node.

The team invested the various icons and attempted to gain some understanding of what happened. Generico patiently hacking his way to admin the whole time. Eventually it started to "rain" as someone triggered an alert. The ghosts vanished and were replaced by zombies, ghouls and demons. They efficiently set to dispatching the various agent processes Anansi had running until they could identify the real threat. Eventually they starting attacking Sonya and Anansi as they realized they were actual threats to the system.

The team spoofed their way into disabling the biggest threats and they turned their attention to the obsidian process itself. The process was represented by a large wolf and the team quickly realized it wasn't a normal process, it had achieved sentiance.

Sonya calmed the AI and eventually he called off his agents. Of course they finished crashing Anansi first.

On learning the cause of the system problems, the teams contact was pleased, even paying them a bonus despite the fact that they would have to write off the node.

Karma awards: 2 points each.
Nuyen awards: 1500 each
Nuyen expenses: 250 total for a crude english languisoft to allow the AI to communicate


  • Marc Greenboro: Connection 5, loyalty 1.
  • Black Wolf: Connection 1, loyalty 1 for everyone except Sonya. Loyalty 3 for Sonya.



This is an OOC summary posting. Only what is incorporated into the wiki iteself can be taken IC.

It was a run down part of town. Buildings were decaying and the block was dark. The drizzle obscured the stars and the only light came from basement entrance to an old condemned schoolhouse. The top floors still showed the scorchmarks from an ancient fire. It was a testament to the cold war construction that the building still stood over 100 years despite suffering such extensive damage.
The school's name had long worn away, now the only words that adorned the buildings side was "Skavs" and various gang insignias. The night was quiet and still, the weather keeping most the neighborhood's undesirables inside.

The stillness was only broken by the seven individuals who approached to answer Doc Skav's call for help. Our would be helpers were:

Skav almost seemed as he were strung out. Assensing revealed he was extremely stressed by the infestation of his clinic. His hair was disheveled, his labcoat a wrinkled mess, and dark black bags under his eyes. He waited for the team to approach and guided them inside.

The poorly furnished room was lit by a single portable lantern and there was no matrix single to be found. He straight out explained he was asking for a favor, he didn't even have the cash for this month's protection fees. The job was simple, deal with the infestation in the basement. Pay was 100 nuyen, a rating 5 medkit, free membership in his discount 'ware plan, and that he'd patch them up for any injuries they received on the job. The Doc didn't care how they got it done, he just didn't want to wake up covered in rats again.

Most of the team advanced downstairs, with the exception of Anansi who sent two drones in his stead. The floors and walls were covered in rats, hundreds of them! Aside from that the 15×15 room was empty, it was almost as if it wasn't written yet.

Paradox blasted several of the rats with a stunball and closer inspection revealled there were devil rats mixed in. Eventually the team killed the devil rats and with that the majority of the others started to leave. Advancing deeper they came across a room with a locked freezer covered in rats. Whisper was the first to the door and he immediate got swarmed. With 7 devil rats focused on one individual, they started to do some serious damage. The rest of the team dealt with them though. What came next was another story. A beast spirit charged Whisper at the door and he soon found himself stuck in place.

Once the beast spirit was sent back to the aether, through good old fashioned gunfire mind you, the team did the unthinkable. Lorrel tried to talk to the spirits. Initially there was no response, the spirits themselves having specific orders, but eventually the mage controlling them replied.

The mage was a recently turned ghoul by the name of Ratz. He wanted access to the Doc's refuse box for food. Unfortunately for him this box was already promised to Tanemous for protection. The Doc and Ratz did come to an agreement though, in exchange for room and "board" Ratz will work as security for the Doc.

With the job being done, Anansi scored some extra cred for fixing the wiring (and as such restoring the matrix, and electricity), Paradox helped Skav package up the rat corpses for sale as rat burgers, and Pyrrhus patched the whole in the wall for free.

The Begin Is Nigh!

I had the second on campus character help session and it looks like we will soon be ready to begin.

The WPI crew have their characters created more or less. I have to give most of them final approval still, but they exist.

I know at least some of the non-WPI crew have characters ready.

It looks like its going to be a very tech heavy group, but thats ok. I will adjust my plans accordingly "mwahahahahaah"

The first three sessions are roughly planned out and will likely be the next 3  weekends. IC posts will be going out soon.

Session 1 – Newbie intro to COMBAT. This is geared towards the new players so that we can ensure they know how combat works.

Session 2 – Welcome to the Matrix. Since none of us, myself included, are skilled with the Matrix rules I will hold a new player session for this as well. Hacker characters only!

Session 3 – Welcome to Boston type mission. Will probably be short designed to introduce people to the setting.

Session 4 – The first real mission. Currently its very "hush hush". That's largely because I haven't planned it yet.

I also am planning to run some small online side quests. The details are up in the air, but it will be an opportunity to RP and gain intel. There won't be karma awards for it (most likely) but there can be contacts and info gains.


This is an OOC post and has nothing to do with April 1st.

Many people have asked me about the different characters who will be played in this campaign. I have been unable to answer up to now.

I had a mini character help session at WPI for the new players, so now I can tell at least a few of the concepts being tossed around.

No characters are done yet.

  • Techie who is plagued by gremlins
  • Character with Latent Awakening
  • Weapons Specialist with a focus on firearms.
  • Mage support
  • McGuyver
  • Hacker
  • Face / Fixer type character (who will be joining later)
  • A reluctant Street Sam
  • A corporate drone who wound up in the shadows.

I do have some vague concerns regarding some of them, but we'll see how they look when finished.

There also will be a newbie session at some point so we can ramp up the players before the campaign really begins.

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