Shadow Lives

Puppies Everywhere!

The battered red pickup pulled into the storage garage. Cerra was very glad she’d rented a safe house to keep the puppies, she couldn’t imagine taking them all to her apartment. As she began unloading the puppies she almost immediately regretted not getting help. Even though they were only three months old they were heavy! The fact that she wasn’t much larger than the cages didn’t help either. The only way she was able to move them was through some weird combination of using her security drones and a wheeled cart.

After a substancial amount of effort she finished the job. She carefully lugged them off truck and wheeled them into the darkest corner of the garage. She didn’t know much about the breeds, but she at least knew that Gabriel Hounds were sensitive to sunlight.

Exhausted from moving the crates she crouched down to catch her breath and stared at the pups.

The Barghests were scary looking things… Spines on their backs, demonic red eyes and glowing fangs. The black one really was the perfect gift for her handler. A chill ran through her back as she pictured it fully grown (weighing in at 100kg) and accompanying her handler on a job. Her heart beat fast at the terrifying image of her protector and his pack.

The Gabriel Hounds were so ugly they were cute. Their faces looked disquietly human. They had vicious looking claws and seemed to blend into the shadows. Occasionally as they dreampt some of them would instinctively cast their mask and look like an innocent sleeping child. Watching them was kind of spooky. Cerra wasn’t sure how her handler would react to them, they are dogs, just not what one normally interacts with.

She knew he wouldn’t abandon them, especially on learning that the mother hadn’t survived. Taking her time and viewing the five puppies from the litter she was fairly confident which one would join the pack. There was one on the smaller side sleeping peacefully. It was the type that looked so innocent that you couldn’t ignore it. That was the one which he’d give a home. He would undoubtedly search for qualified owners for the others.

Cerra took a deep breath and with an nervous smile called her surprise in…

OOC Info Follows


  • Anansi
  • Apollo
  • Grrl
  • Maynard
  • Quiver
  • SDAM


This mission handled rewards differently than most. Players were presented with the opportunity to choose some combination of nuyen and favors.

Everyone received 6 karma (out of a possible 7).

Anansi Rewards
  • The full 4000 nuyen
  • Cerra as a Connection 1, Loyalty 1 contact
  • Prof Creaks as a Connection 5, Loyalty 1 contact
  • Bobbin, a chop shop owner, a Connection 1, Loyalty 1 contact.
  • Refused payment.
  • Asked for info on her backer yet was denied.
  • Cerra as a Connection 1, Loyalty 2 contact
  • Prof Creaks as a Connection 5, Loyalty 1 contact
  • Purchased a Gabriel Hound and received Dr. Oswald as a Connection 3, Loyalty 1 contact.
  • Accepted the base 1000 nuyen
  • Cerra as a Connection 1, Loyalty 1 contact
  • Asked for the reason Cerra doesn’t like her, and was disappointed to learn it was something simple. “Blue haired hacker girls are the worst!” IE – simple jealousy because Grrl is her handler’s type and pretty much the opposite of her.
  • Yamaha Pulsar and ammo (looted)
  • Grrl also offered Cerra to “help her with her handler anything”… This did not go over well.
  • It didn’t seem that bad.
  • /usr/bin/grrl
  • Declined payment
  • Received a +1 loyalty boost from Cerra, increasing loyalty to 2.
  • Purchased a Gabriel Hound and received Dr. Oswald as a Connection 3, Loyalty 1 contact.
  • Accepted the base 1000 nuyen
  • Given arrows to assist with the job.
  • Cerra as a Connection 1, Loyalty 2 contact
  • Contact info for Sphytz Wusiwug to order a better fake SIN
  • Asked for assistance in disappearing and they discussed the possibility of faking his death.
  • Note: Granted previous Karma credit to this character.
  • Cerra as a Connection 1, Loyalty 1 contact
48 Hours

This following is an except from the Knight Errant incident report regarding the events at Crosspoint Towers on May 27th, 2072.

Regarding the second incident. We believe the two events were unrelated. Witnesses at the scene revealed that the individuals responsible for the altercation stayed significantly past the time of detonation. They very clearly were waiting for the WMC courier and his security team.

Due to issues with the facilities camera feeds we were unable to perform photo recognition of the culprets.

As is policy with respect to corporate affairs, officers on the scene did not interfere with WMC security procedure. Responsibility for the lost data rests entirely with WMC. Damage and injury reports were compiled after those involved left the scene and will be forwarded to WMC Legal Department.

—These runners certainly put on show… Its a fluke they didn’t get on the news.
—Sgt Tuesday

OOC Info Follows


  • grrl
  • Etrine
  • Quiver
  • Uncle Em
  • Pyrrhus


  • Marc Greenboro – Connection 5
    • Quiver received at loyalty 1
    • Pyrrhus received at loyalty 2
  • Doc Skav – Connection 3
    • Quiver received at loyalty 2
    • Uncle Em received at loyalty 1
    • Pyrrhus and Etrine received +1 Loyalty
  • Sam Philibus – Connection 1
    • Pyrrhus received at loyalty 1 thanks to a referral from Skav
  • Mathew Mnemonic – Presumed to be alive under NeoNet control


  • 5 Karma each
  • 10K nuyen each
  • +2K nuyen for Pyrrhus
  • RFID Skeleton Key for Etrine and Grrl (no resale value)
  • No notoriety. (though I really should have since you had an open combat in public.)

Faction Objectives:

  • NeoNet – Ensure the run goes smoothly and that past mistakes are not repeated. Achieved.
  • Knights – Disable the building’s electrical security and ensure Crosspoint manned security is disabled.
  • Syndicate – Provide a backdoor into Crosspoint security and/or provide sample security access badges. Partially achieved.
  • Mafia, both flavors – Obtain UCAS paydata.
  • NeoAnarchists – Shut down UCAS operations as long as possible.

Falling Towers Objectives:

  • Syndicate (and Bounce) – Minimize casualties.
  • Tamanous – Maximize casualties.
  • NeoAnarchists – Destroy the entire building, not just the target floor.
  • Knights – Humiliate Crosspoint security. Achieved.
IC News Report

Boston Globe – Financial Section

With stock prices already shaky after the recent attack on the Biodyne facility, prices began to plummet after this weekend’s unfortunate events. Biodyne CEO Brian Jamiesan is currently in intensive care after being involved in a car accident Friday evening. The situation surrounding the accident is unclear, authorities currently believe his car’s pilot system malfunctioned. With Jamiesan not being expected to survive the week, the executive board assumed control of the company and agreed to NeoNet’s buyout proposal. Pending UCAS approval Biodyne will become a fully owned NeoNet subsidy for 13.5 Billion nuyen. unanimously decided to turn grant parent company NeoNet full control of BioDyne operations.

OOC: Changed for consistency, though the message remains the same.

Crosspoint Towers falling down...

The van shook as it drove, the force of the explosion and small debris reaching a block away. The runners glanced back at their handiwork, eyes straining to see through the thick smoke. They may have used too much explosives after all…

The windows on the 6th, 7th and 8th floors were all blown out. Alarms and sirens quickly filled the air as emergency services got to work and the lot filled with people as the workers evacuated.

The runners calmly drove on, entering the highway and disappearing in the distance…

OOC Info Follows

This update has to be vague so it does not present any spoilers to 48 Hours.
The only reason I can mention the floors is because I would be SERIOUSLY concerned if the PCs thought of some way to involve them in the following mission. If they were to coincidentally choose those floors for something, I would request the choose one of the other 30+ options.


  • SADM (Richard’s new character)
  • Apollo (Tommy’s alt)


  • Minibar Kenichi – Connection 1, Loyalty 1 for Apollo
  • Deci – Connection 2, Loyalty 1 for Apollo, Loyalty 3 for SADM.


  • 5 Karma
  • 10K nuyen each before expenses
  • Generic Knight Errant Contact
  • Notoriety – +1 for Apollo, +2 for SADM

Faction Objectives:

These cannot be disclosed before running 48 Hours. If you wish I will share the objectives later.

Winter Con Schedule

This is an OOC post.
Since some of you have expressed interest in my convention schedule… Here is what’s on my plate.

This con is in Cambridge in January. I will be running two SRM sessions there.
They have not posted a schedule yet, but when they do it will be here:

This con is in Providence in February. I will be running three sessions there. One will be a Sewer Rat mission (Friday) and count towards this campaign. The other two will be SRM missions.
Friday 2/4/11 9PM to 1AM – Shelter
“If life in the city is hard, life under it is downright brutal. That is where you come in; the people of shelter need your help securing their new home.”

Saturday 2/5/11 8PM to Midnight – SRM07 Knight at the Opera
“Damien Knight needs your help with a secret rendezvous. Think you can help him sneak out of the Opera?”

Sunday 2/6/11 Noon to 4PM – SRM09 Something Completely Different
“You’re locked in a tiny room, you’re dressed nicely, and some of your stuff is missing. But hey, at least there’s a bunch of other strangers in here with you, right?”

Please RSVP in advance if you will be attending any of these…
Also we can possibly work out transportation options ;)

Suggested Viewing

OOC Post
Recently I learned about a TV show, Human Target
It may be useful background research for you.
The basic premise of the show is that they are a protection team. You have the Ex-Cop Face, The Ex-Assassin Bodyguard, The torturer, and the Ex-Thief infiltrator, oh and the randomly taped on business woman / financer.
Some episodes, especially tonights, are shadowruns. Tonight they stole some diamonds from a museum. The team consisted of two cleaners (assassins), thief, demolitionist, and something else… but I can’t remember right now.
I’ll be looking into it, and getting the DVDs for the first season through netflix to see how useful it really is ;)

A Ghoulish Party-occ

“You know I hate doing this every year… we always have to invite my employees to this. It is most gruesome. I can’t wait till we find you a cure.”
“Sir i don’t think that is a problem now…” -Bob
a ghoul comes up
“O good, Is the clean up done? Do you know when the debt is finished?”
“Master would like to speak to you, if you will enter the car at your entrance we will take you to him.”-Ghoul
“What?! What does he want?.”
“I will escort you to the car.”-Ghoul
“Come Bob.” motions to security chief
“‘Bob’ will stay here. Master just wants you.”-Ghoul
“… Sir be careful.”-Bob
“Is it about my research? Am i not allowed free will!”
“Very well then…”
Gets in car

OOC Info Below

The Runners
Jack Myrmidon

Grinder (Sewer Rat Pregen)

Sir Bonte (Con 3, Special contact)
•Gained at Loyalty 3 for Anzu Kyuusai
•Gained at Loyalty -1 for Kit

Bob (Con 2)
Not gained

•4+1 Karma (for poll)
•3+1 Karma for Dwagon next character

I think this is everything, sorry this took so long, i have alot of work.

-Fixed spelling and updated char name.

The GM has Ascended.

Obviously this is an OOC post.
Obsidian Portal is giving a 60 day trial to anyone who signs up for Ascendant membership today.
Seeing as how I find them to be highly useful, I figured I would give it a try…
SO… If you see a new feature, test it out! :P
Remember, only the GM needs to have an upgraded membership for the players to benefit ;)
If people like the features, or if you think they don’t make a difference, let me know.

Dig Town Under Attack!

In an absurd twist of events DigTown was seiged by a massive horde of ghouls. What appeared to be a limitless horde of feral ghouls mindlessly attacked the bazaar Tuesday night. Thanks to the advance warning provided by a handful of runners the bazaar was mostly evacuated before the ghouls reached it. A handful of fighters held them off to allow as many as they could to escape. They callapsed several sections of tunnels to further slow the assault.

Though they could handle the ghouls without trouble (with heavy weapons). They laid various traps to buy as much time as they could, but then the spirits and banshees showed up. The defends did the only thing they could do, they dropped a bomb and ran. They created as big a distraction as they could from rummaging through abandoned supplies and fell back to the residential area.

They barracaded the residential area and prepared to make their final stand. They bravely faced off the horde until one of their allies suddenly turned on them. This provided enough distraction for the banshees to show themselves and knock the last lines of defense unconscious. As they were about to finish off the fallen runners Daemon rushed his ritual and brought forth a demon horde to drive them back.

Due to the rush, he was unable to defeat the leader behind the attack, The Vampire De Tat. De Tat is still at large in the city…
And though the battle was won for today, it was not without losses. Some fighters have fallen never to run again and many innocents died.
Dig Town will be recovering in the days to come…

OOC Info Below

This isn't a very good write up, but I was hurrying! I might improve it later.

The Saviors of DigTown:

  • Trinity – Sewer Rat PreGen, 4 confirmed kills
  • Big Mac – 5 confirmed kills
  • Etrine – 6 confirmed kills (2 of whom were PCs)
  • Dwagon – 1 confirmed kill, showed up in the Bazaar.


  • SP – Sewer Rat PreGen with 1 confirmed kill before falling at the residential barracade.
  • Chain – Sewer Rat PreGen with no confirmed kills
  • Thane – No confirmed kills, died at the residential barracade.
  • Whisper – Died shortly after the initial encounter when he was compelled into a homicidal rage.


  • Farnsworth Jack – Connection 4
    • Gained at Loyalty 3 for survivors
    • Gained at Loyalty 2 for new players who reroll after this mission (IE – Trinity, SP)
  • Daemon – Connection 2
    • Those who did not already have him, gain him at Loyalty 1
  • The Vampire De Tat – Connection 3
    • Keep your eyes open for him and his minions in the future.


  • 5 Karma
  • +1 Karma for Big Mac and Etrine

Eyes of the Beholder

Live from our Flyspy in the Sky..

OOC: if there was a Flyspy in the sky, I’m not saying there was

We see the makings of an epic gun battle below us. Moments ago a troll fired off an antitank round into the side of the Biodyne building. Before the dust even cleared, the sound of machine gun fire was echoing through the morning, spitting up dirt and debris as supressive fire came from inside the building.

Shortly after the try was unconscious on the ground.

Meanwhile, at the front entrance, more gunfire could be heard. We are unsure of exactly what happened, but seconds later the three individuals at the front entrance could be seen retreating.

They disappeared into the sewers without a trace and shortly after corporate security locked down the area.

—I hope you learned something from this. 

—I'll be seeing you.


OOC Info Below


  • /usr/bin/grrl
  • Etrine
  • Dwagon
  • Big Mac
  • Thane


  • Victor Stralinksi – Connection 4
    • FAILED Mission, not gained.
  • Sphytz Wusiwug – Connection 1
    • My notes indicate grrl, Etrine and Dwagon contacted her for IDs. If they do not already have her, they gain her at loyalty 1.
  • Generic NeoNet Contact
    • Big Mac, Thane and Dwagon gain access to a commcode they can call about NeoNet objectives. This should not be listed among your contacts.


This mission was FAILED. As such there are very limited awards.

  • 3 Karma 
  • 600 nuyen (cash received up front)
  • 1 Notoriety
  • "Bust a Move" drone for Etrine and grrl


To give the players a better understanding of what the factions may want, here are the various objectives which were available this mission.

  • NeoNet: Prevent the theft of the eyes and prevent employee injuries. If they eyes must be stolen, tag them and provide the destination and recipient. (PASSED)
  • WMC: They hired you for the job.
  • Syndicate: Provide employee records of the facility.
  • Green: Provide information on magical security.
  • White: Steal one of the buildings raildrones.
  • Yakuza: They wanted paydata.
  • NeoAnarchists: Shut business down.



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