Shadow Lives

Police Raid a Bust

Police Raid a Bust

Boston Telegram, May 22, 2072

Knight Errant has continued their drug crackdown by raiding another facility this week. Though they were unable to catch any of the masterminds behind the current drug explosion, at last they are finally making progress. The Knights successfully detained several individuals in their latest raid. During the raid there were several injuries and the facility itself suffered minor damage, but the Knights are confident they will soon apprehend those responsible for the drug known as "Party Powder".

—Don't make me laugh. If things had really gone as well as they claimed this wouldn't be on page 13.

>>Minor damage? Detaining? You want the real story of the raid? They hired some of my men for the job so I know what really went down. Moments after they sent the drones in the place blew. They got one live one and a bunch of bodies… Steller job boys.

—They must have done something though… The last batch of powder was a real dud…

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  • Maynard
  • Morse
  • Pyrrhus 


  • Sgt Olin Tuesday – Connection 3
    • Loyalty 1 for everyone
  • Dante Giovanni – Connection 3
    • Loyalty 1 for Pyrrhus and Morse 
  • Lucian Dirge – Connect 4
    • Loyalty 1 for Pyrrhus
  • Bounce Miranda – Connection 3
    • Loyalty increased to 3 for Pyrrhus
  • Murdock – Connection 2
    • No loyalty change but the runners supplied him with Mapsofts.
The following NPCs were available but not earned:
  • Bou – Connection 1
  • Prof. Wiggles Blue – Connection 2
  • Lucy Sky – Connection 1


  • 4 Karma
  • 3000 Nuyen each.
  • Generic NeoNet Contact for Morse
  • Generic Green Contact for Morse
  • Bottle of Laes Wine (6 servings) for Maynard and Pyrrhus (resale: 500)


To give the players a better understanding of what the factions may want, here are the various objectives which were available this mission.

  • NeoNet: Place stealth tags inside the facility. (Indirectly achieved)
  • NeoAnarchists: Obtain an uncut sample of Party Powder. (failed)
  • Syndicate: Shut down the lab before the police raid it. (failed)
  • Green: Contaminate the drugs with a specific compound. (completed)
  • White: Report on other organizations objectives. (Obj not learned)
  • WMC: Capture Prof. Blue. (Obj not learned)
  • Tamanous: Take control of the lab. (Obj not learned)
  • Doc Skav: Get contact info for the designers of Party Powder. (failed)

Perpetual Deviation challenges its roots

May 01, 2072

Shirley Summers, Horizon Press

In a bold move, Perpetual Deviation faced its Neo Anarchists roots at last Saturday's show. The crowd was warmed up to the musical stylings of …

—Yeah, you don't want to waste timing reading that. They were a bunch of nobodies, we'll cut to the good parts

… though there were some distractions to their performances as a few customer altercations broke out. The Dead End's security quickly dealt with them and ensured all went smoothly.

In what was a masterfully staged production, a Neo Anarchist riot broke out in the rear of the crowd. As they surrounded themselves with some sort of powder cloud they shouted all sorts of anti-corporation propaganda, clearly vilifying the band as being nothing more than a corporate tool. The band replied with its music, debuting a new song "Nobodies Friend", clearly expressing their independence both from the corporations and the Anarchists.

>>There could be good money in info on Party Powder… I'd keep my ears open

Concert security ensured that while this was dramatic no one got close enough to disrupt the presentation and that none of the paying customers were involved. Head of staff also reported that the schedule had called for the rioters to be discretely rushed out of the crowd during intermission.

The only hitch during the performance was when the venue's generator failed to start during the power outage. This resulted in some minor damage to the venue and a sizable delay in the performance as the facility was evacuated for safety reasons. The facility staff was clearly prepared for such an eventuality as they had Knight Errant staff waiting to assist with the evacuation and were able to procure a secondary generated under an hour.

Overall this reviewer cannot help but give the concert rave reviews. The Dead End staff and the bands both deserve praise

—No clue why Horizon decided to spin things this way, it certainly works well for us.

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  • Etrine
  • Pyrrhus
  • Morse
  • Maynard
  • Cerra – Connection 1
    • Gained at Loyalty 1
  • Das – Connection 2
    • Gained at Loyalty 1
  • Erk – Connection 3
    • Loyalty gain + 2
  • Evan Eye – Connection 3
    • Gained at Loyalty 1
  • Bounce Miranda – Connection 3
    • Pyrrhus  gained at loyalty 2
    • Everyone else gained at loyalty 1
  • Ratz – Connection 2
    • Maynard and Morse gain at loyalty 1
  • Murdock – Connection 2
    • Morse gained at loyalty 1
  • The Erl King – Connection 3
    • Identity learned from video feeds
  • Sgt Olin Tuesday – Connection 3
    • No interaction
  • 6 Karma
  • 2 Street Cred
  • EE Security Elite License
  • 4000 nuyen each
  • Option to purchase "Homeground: Dead End" quality for 10 Karma
    • Maynard, Etrine and Morse accepted.
  • Option to purchase "Lifestyle: Dead End Apartments"
    • Maynard, Etrine and Morse accepted.

Let there be light!

Boston Globe, 05/01/72

UCAS Electric would lke to apologize for the service interruptions which occurred this weekend. Due to defective hardware the scheduled system upgrade took longer than expected. The benefits will be well worthwhile, including a … (the message is interrupted here)

That's pure drek. Defective hardware my tail!
A bunch of demon’s running amok for hours is hardly defective hardware. They’d planned for a half hour down time and ended up being down for 3 hours.

At least Digtown should be happy…

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  • Karma: 3 points each
  • Nuyen: 5000 each
    • /usr/bin/grrl only accepted expenses (200¥)


  • Joe Dirt Connection 2
    • /usr/bin/grrl: Loyalty 2
    • Whisper: Loyalty 1
  • Daemon Connection 2
    • Whisper: Loyalty + 1


  • Underground Mapsoft (R1 for Whisper, R2 for grrl)
  • 250 nuyen each from random theft

Unless otherwise specified, each runner is considered to have received one of each item on this list. If they don't choose to keep it, they can sell it for the listed price. They CANNOT be traded.

  • Helmet (+ 1/+ 2 armor) – No resale
  • Internally Smartlinked Fichetti Security 600 – 90 nuyen
  • 1 clip of 30 light pistol gel rounds -No resale
  • Extendable Baton – No resale

Movie Suggestion - Hardwired

Begin Advertisement

The mind is the most powerful computer in existence.
Hope Industries is working to better your mind through technology.
See what the latest Augmented Reality technology can do for you.
Check out the feature length film "Hardwired"

This advertisement is not endorsed by Horizon Corporation.

>>And while yer at it, check how yer brain can be hacked.
>>Watch out for cranial bombs.

Welcome to the Underground
Sewer Rats Mission 1

This is an OOC Post

A recent Boston redevelopment project left a large number of squatters homeless. The state leveled an entire neighborhood with barely enough warning for them to evacuate. As they wandered seeking a new place to stay they heard rumors of a forgotten bomb shelter deep underground. Pooling their resources together they hired the Sewer Rats to seek it out and get them safe passage there.

The money they could offer was pathetic, but the chance to have an entire community in their debt was not something the Rats could pass us. They sent a team of eight gangers to explore and clear a route.

Starting in one of the remaining basements in the now leveled neighborhood they explored the underground created by the quake. Winding (and at times fighting) their way through the twisting corridors, tunnels and ruined basements they eventually found their way into the sewers proper.

They kept exploring, finding dead end after dead end… Fighting rats and gaters and ghouls. They eventually found their way to the abandoned subway lines deep below the city. From there it was a simple to find the old shelter.

The shelter was easily large enough to house 500. With a little work power could be restored as well as water could be guarenteed. The squatters were in for a rough time though… Settling “Shelter” would be a grueling task.

Enlightenment Summery DELAYED!

The summery for "Enlightenment" will be delayed until after "Low Man's Lyric".

There is a reason it ran first… insert evil laughter

Also, to those who attend the Gaming Weekend mission… It is a hack and slash mission. Chronologically it follows both Enlightenment and Lyric.


Gaming Weekend!

This just in!

I was reminded that gaming weekend is Sept 4th to 6th!

And you know what that means, SHADOWRUN!

I will run at least one session, the mission will be set in Boston, but a slight twist to the usual setting ;)

I will have PreGenned characters available… (and if you feel like helping gen some, let me know)

You can also use your own characters as well, but they won't be as well geared for the job.


Whack a Mole

The team was awed as they entered the Golden Shamrock. This was a classy place full of strange scents. They did a valient job of pretending they belonged as they we led upstairs to the meeting.

The enjoyed a fine dinner on Mr. Green's tab and eventually they settled down to talk shop. The O'Reilly family had an information leak, and the runners were being hired to resolve that. They were to get a list of suspects from the Seabrook casino in the North and then were instructed to identify the culpret.

Getting the info was easy, they talked Loewmann at the casino and got the names and addresses of the two suspects – Aaron O'Danlin and Jimmy McAllender. They scouted out their homes and went to get dinner at McAllender's workplace (Muldoons Mallet).

There wasn't anything suspiscious going on, so they sent Whisper to scout out the two individual's homes. Of course "scouting" ended up meaning "robbing" to Whisper.

O'Danlin's place was suspiscious, based on his mail he obviously hadn't been there in days. Looking through his papers revealed that he was somehow connected to Irish Times.

Pyrrhus decided to scout out Irish Times while Maynard stayed behind at Muldoon's in case anything happened. At first glance the Times looked like  any other bar. That was before the bartender shot him in the back. He barely escaped with his life. On the bright side, they now knew who the leak was.

The next night they staked out the Times and when it shut for the night they made their move. They crushed the thugs with minimal effort and found out where O'Danlin was holed up.

O'Danlin was hiding out at a Knights Errant safehouse. Not wanting to give them time to react to his location being compromised, they team immediately started scoping out the safehouse.

Whisper's amazing infiltration skills allowed them to get the info needed and make their move. While the security slept, they snuck in, found O'Danlin, and killed him.

The Knights woke up the next morning to find their mage dead and O'Danlin sprawled across the front gate gathering crows.

Karma awards
: 5 points each.
Nuyen awards: 7150 each.
Public Awareness: 1 point each (for sparing the thugs)




Everyone gets –
  • The rating of the SIN used for this mission is upgraded by 1 and is considered a "Green SIN".
  • Green Facility Weapons Permit. This grants security access and allows them to carry any SMG or smaller firearm.


Unless otherwise specified, each runner is considered to have received one of each item on this list. If they don't choose to keep it, they can sell it for the listed price. They CANNOT be traded.
  • Human sized Armor Vest – No resale
  • Fichetti Light Pistol – 45 nuyen
  • 1 Clip of 30 light pistol bullets – No resale
  • Club – No resale
  • Roomsweeter (1 available) – 75 nuyen
  • 8 shotgun shells – No resale
  • Sword (1 available, claimed by Maynard) – 35 nuyen
  • Predator Heavy Pistol – 35 nuyen
  • 1 clip of 15 heavy pistol bullets – No resale
  • Defiance Shocker – 15 nuyen
  • 4 shocker darts – No resale
  • Stun Baton – 40 nuyen
  • Streetline Special (1 available, it was left behind with distain)

Shadow Market Opens!

As of IC date 04/27/72 the Shadow Market is open!

Check back after every few missions to see what new and exciting items are up for sale!

Currently we have a reconditioned van looking for a new owner and a lovely three family home for rent!

OOC Note: Expect the next missions to be on or around 4/27/72

Job Transfer

This session ran a while ago so this will be a brief summery.
Unless the PCs choose to share the info with you, this is considered fully OOC.

"This isn't what I signed up for," Silas Fisher thought to himself. He looked around the gloomy room he was locked in. The apartment itself wasn't all that different from his own, the basic layout was the same. Unlike his there was no natural light since the room was entirely below ground level. He sat at the desk, idling hitting keys on the computer as he pretended to work for the two guards who were sitting and watching him.

Silas was incredibly glad he finished making all the required arrangements last week, he just hoped his current house arrest wouldn't complicate matters too much for the extraction team. As he waited he couldn't help but question how he got to this point…

Receiving the full scholarship to WMC's computer science program seemed like a dream. Signing the contract gave him 6 years of room and board as well as a valuable degree. The future seemed bright as he finished his core coursework and registered for his degree qualifying project. His mistake was not reading anything past the project description, he just signed on the dotted line.

The project was fascinating and he quickly became absorbed in it. The final year flew by and he began shopping around for a future job. As graduation day approached rather than receiving a diploma he was given a contract and a pen and told to sign.

He refused and thats how he ended up in this prison.

The extraction team spent several days scouting the the housing complex. They were finally ready to make their move and everything seemed to be going well. They had the patterns down, they knew the guards, and they had a way inside the gate. Not only that, but there was some sort of glitch in the gate system so they didn't even have to worry about fooling the guards.

They blocked the wireless video feed with ease and snuck into Silas's building. They pounded on the door to no avail, until a neighbor finally pointed out that he wasn't home. Eventually they withdrew, temporarily blocked.

The team had learned where Silas was being kept and returned the following day. They broke into the basement, disabled the guards, and gained access to Silas. The heavily armed team made short work of the reinforcements and returned to their vehicals. Getting the car out was easy, the van, on the other hand, had to bash through the gate…

Extraction complete

Karma awards: 3 points each. (4 for Uncle Em)
Nuyen awards: 3550 after costs
Noteriety: 1 point each




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