An odd man who doesn't like the limelight


OOC Character Sheet- mainly for GM use Whisper Metatype-human Height- 69 inches Weight- 240 lbs Age- 32

Stats (Base)

Body Agility Reaction Strength Charisma Intuition Logic Will Initiative Edge Essence

3/ 5/ 5/ 3/ 1/ 4/ 4/ 3/ 9/ 2/ 6

Stats (After Cyberwear and Biowear)

Body Agility Reaction Strength Charisma Intuition Logic Will Initiative Edge Essence

3/ 7 /6 /5 /1 /4 /6 /3 /10 /2 /1.3

Qualities Erased (10BP) Double Jointed Ambidextrous Murky Link

Mild Common Allergy (Mild Pollutant Allergy) Weak Immune System

Skills Knowledge (24 free points)

Gang Hangouts-2 Safe Houses-2 Informants-2 Security System Design-4 Maglock System Design-4 Security Personnel Procedures-4 Landscape painting-2

Languages English-Native Spanish-2 Japanese-2

Active Skills Blades-5 Specialization- Knives Infiltration-5 Specialization-Corporate Enclaves Perception-4 Specialization-Hearing Hardware-4 Specialization- MagLocks Unarmed Combat-4 Specialization- Martial Arts Climbing-2 Specialization- Assisted Demolitions -2 Gymnastics-1 Dodge-3 Specialization- Ranged Pistols-1 Specialization- Semi Automatics

Contacts “Mr Johnson” Conn 3 Loy 2


Rate 1 wired reflex; Rate 3 vision enhancements (retinal); Image link (retinal); Balance Augmenter; ear damper; ultrasound implant; protective eye covers; smart link (retinal); spatial recognizer;Internal Air Tank

Biowear Rate 2 Muscle Augmentation; Rate 2 Muscle Toner; Rate 2 Cerebral Booster; Platelet Factories; Sleep Regulator



Rate 3 goggles with flare compensation, thermographic vision and low light vision. Rate 2 earbuds with rate 3 audio enhancement and rate 3 select sound filter Hand Held Sensor package with Rate 6 Laser Microphone and Directional Microphone

AR equipment (computers/electronics)

AR gloves Transys Avalon with Novatec Navi OS installed, basic user suite of programs and a Rate 6 Firewall Sim Module, Trodes, Rate 6 Mapsoft of Boston, Micro Tranciever, Tag Eraser

Infiltration Gear Wire Snips, Rate 6 AutoPicker, Rate 4 Maglock Sequencer, Rate 4 Maglock pass key, tool kit, survival kit, grapple gun, 1 Km stealth rope, catalyst stick, climbing gear, rappel gloves, rate 6 respirator,

Sabotage gear 2 KG of rate 6 foam explosive 10 detonator caps

Armor Helmet

Chameleon suit with Rate 6 Thermal Dampening Rate 6 Chemical Protection Rate 6 Nonconductivity Rate 6 Fire Resistance Rate 6 Insulation Shock Frills

Weapons Shock Gloves 2 Survival knives Monofilament sword 2 Hamerli 620S pistols with silencers and hidden arm slides. 2 spare clips for each 40 bullets

Five Months Middle Lifestyle

FAKE SIN 1 (ooc note) Used for Legal Activities (Starting Lifestyle Attached) Name- Johny D’Goeder (Rate 4) Has attached Chameleon suit license, attached smart link license, attached concealed carry license, all at rate 4

FAKE SIN 2 (ooc note) Used for Not so Legal activities Name- Silence Dogood (Rate 4) Has attached Chameleon suit license, attached smart link license, attached concealed carry license, all at rate 4

FAKE SIN 3 (ooc note) Used for escapes. Name- John Doe Smith

1500 Starting Nuyen (Re-rolled in “Special Delivery” mission

Development from missions

“Pest Control” Rate 5 MedKit, and an owed “favor”

Contacts Scav- Connection 3 Loyalty 1 Ratz- Connection 2 loyalty 1

3 Karma 2 Karma points spent on new specialization- Demolitions Specialization Foam Explosives

“Special Delivery”

Contacts Das- Loyalty 1 Connection 2 Cerra- Loyalty 1 Connection 1 Murdoch- Loyalty 1 Connection 2 Daemon- Loyalty 1 Connection 2

Money gained from mission (after Murdoch pay) 1416 Money lost to getting drink from Bar Tender- 2 + 8 tip

Karma gained-3

Total money now 2906 Total Karma- 4


Again, OOC, a bio for my character.

Whisper (AKA John Doe Smith) was the quintessential starving artist. No, scratch that, he literally was a starving artist. Despite having some talent for landscape painting, he couldn’t sell enough art even to buy himself a cheeseburger. Starving, and having lost his family in various accidents and “accidents”, John was about to embrace his death. The angel that came to visit him, however, was something much worse. The man introduced himself as Mr. Johnson, and made John an offer that “No sane man could refuse, and no man is insane enough to take.” To help him think it over, Mr. Johnson even took John to the diner, where he ordered, strangely enough, a cheeseburger, and a thick milkshake. After having food, John pondered his options vary carefully. Take his chances with death, or make a deal with the “Johnson”. He chose the second, and he was whisked away that hour to Area 47. The Wraith Project, a project to create elite special operatives, is a secret. In an age of magical eavesdropping, technological terrorism, dragons, robot men, and demons, the Wraith project is still a secret. Within the confines of a lab, the doctors began their long surgical work. One session was all that was used, one, brutal 3 month session where, instead of anesthetic, modified BTL programs were used to give John the appropriate skills, training, and education to be reborn as Whisper. While he maintained his name in the projects records, which are written in code, on phosphorus coated paper that will ignite if taken out of its kerosene bath storage tanks, John earned the name Whisper merely by filling his role in team 4, the scout, infiltrator, thief and saboteur. He had completed 4 missions successfully before he was given an assignment that would force his termination from government employment- The assassination of “Merlin D Albus”, a famed professor at MIT&T. While the good professor was roaming the last few wildlife preserves in the area, the team went into action. Boomer, the team arsenal, took the liberty of attacking the security team at the professor’s destination at the end of a park trail. The team adept, Flashy, was preoccupying the bound spirits that Merlin had brought for protection. The team hacker was already hacking the gear for the bodyguards. When Whisper heard the clicks of guns deactivating, he sprung from the bushes, his knives turning the area around him into a dazzling display of red mist and gleaming metal. When all was said and done, the mission was a success. This is where it all went wrong. Someone on the security team was a hacker themselves, and managed to force a specialized BTL into the team hacker, Skynet’s, system. He died of what doctors come to call pleasure shock in four hours. His brain was jelly in all of about .4 seconds. Boomer didn’t fare any better, his cyber weapons suddenly exploding, turning him into a smoking crater. Flashy was the last to go, his conjured spirits, realizing what he had aided in doing, turning on him. Whisper, however, was already at the extraction point. When the others didn’t arrive, mission command told him to report to HQ. Here, his software was stripped of him, several confidential cyberwear implants were removed, and his paycheck was cut off. Mr. Johnson, having brought him into the world of federal back stabbing, decided to bring his acquaintance and one of his favorite artists into the big leagues; shadowrunning. Having favors owed him, Mr Johnson gave Whisper a “trial” assignment to get used to the new “civilian” grade cyberwear that was installed in him. This mission was a success and when Yohan Mole, Whisper’s land lord, found two deadbeats in restraints and giftwrapped for him, he gave Mr Johnson five months of unsupervised, free living in one of his finer Dig Town establishments. The only catch, unknown to Yohan, is that Whisper is the one living there.

With a place to live and the gear and enough skills to start in the streets, Whisper was given this order from command- Go, make money, perform unsavory acts, and drag the trail somewhere that isn’t us.

Whisper was happy to oblige, now being free to take the missions as he chose.

IC Despite an in depth search, the only data that pops up for whisper is the dictionary definition, and several aliases, gangs, and alter- ego’s that don’t match Whisper’s Description. A search for John Doe Smith causes most search engines to freeze for a moment, and then produce more hits than the current global population. A search for abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzzyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba at the ares macrotechnology site pulls up an E-mail for John Doe Smith, which is e-mail he handed to lynx when looking for a fixer.


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