The Hunter/Nightstalker

BioAdept Marital Artist PC



Changeling Elf (Class II Surge)
Special Type
  • Walk: 10 * (1.5 * 1.5) = 22.5m
  • Run: 25 * (1.5 * 1.5 ) = 56.26m
  • 13198 NuYen


Stat Total Natural Max Augmented Max
Body 3 6 9
Agility 11 8 12
Reaction 8 6 9
Strength 7 6 9
Charisma 2 8 12
Intuition 3 6 9
Logic 1 6 9
Willpower 3 6 9
Edge 3 6 6
Magic 4 6 4
Essence 4.24 6
Initiative 11 12 18
Passes 4 4


Positive Qualities

No penalty for dual wielding
Class II Surge
  • Celerity (+)
  • Satyr Legs (+)
  • Thermal Vision (+)
  • Symbiosis (-)
Way of the Warrior
Way of the Adept style
Restricted Gear
see 1 in the Bioware section

Negative Qualities

SINner (Standard)
have a documented SIN with real biometrics, etc
Enemy (Group)
See Bio
Distinctive Style
See Bio
In Debt


Active Skills

Name Level Specialization
Perception 3
Unarmed Combat 6 Spurs
Infiltration 2
Gymnastics 4 Tumble
Intimidation 2

Knowledge Skills

Name Level
Meditation 4
Corporate Politics 1
Corporate Security 1
Corporate Procedures 1
Unarmed Combat 4
Biotech 1
Chicago (Bug City) 3

Martial Arts Training

Style: Based on Muay Thai


  • +1 DV on unarmed attacks
  • +1 DV on unarmed attacks


  • Multistrike


Total Essence Usage: 1.76


Name Rank Grade Essence Effect
Muscle Augmentation 2 Alpha 0.32 +1 Strength per rank
Muscle Toner 4 1 Alpha 0.64 +1 Agility per rank
Synthcardium 3 Std 0.3 +1 on Athletics checks per rank
Genetic Optimization [Agi] 0.2 +1 to Agility natural max

Total Bioware Essence Usage: 1.46


Name Rank Grade Essence Effect
Spur 0.3 retractable spur from wrist
Spur 0.3 retractable spur from wrist

Total Cyberware Essence Usage: 0.6 / 2 = 0.3

1 Restricted Access quality


All bonuses factored in already unless otherwise noted

Adept Powers

Name Level Points Used Special Effects
Killing Hands 0.5 2
Elemental Strike [Electric] 0.5 3
Critical Strike 1 0.25 4
Improved Reflexes 3 2 5, 6 7
Improved Ability [Unarmed Combat] 3 0.75 5, 6 8

2 Unarmed attacks do physical damage and pierce immunity

3 Can be activated so that unarmed strikes do electrical damage (stun damage, – 1/2 AP)

4 +1 DV per rank

5 Way of the Warrior 25% cost reduction

6 Geas: must meditate after waking up

7 +3 Initiative Passes, +3 Reaction

8 +3 on Unarmed Combat checks


Item Type Power
Spur Weapon 2
Spur Weapon 2



Item B/I Special
Form-fitting Full Body Suit 6/2 under-armor
Leather Jacket 2/2
Vitals Protector + 1/+ 1
Shin Guards + 0/+ 1
Forearm Guards + 0/+ 1
Total 9/7


Weapon Roll Base DV Notes Melee vs Ranged
Spur (Single Handed) 25 → 22 10 treat as unarmed Melee
Spur (Dual Wielding) 14 x2 10 treat as unarmed Melee
Colt Manhunter 11 – 1 5 Mode: SA Ranged
Uzi IV 11 – 1 5 Mode: BF Ranged

Other Gear

  • Nanopaste ’Trodes
  • Sony Emperor Commlink


Shadow Alias: The Hunter
True Name: redacted


name was abducted by Ares Corporation as a child. They noticed his potential as an Adept, and began experimenting. He was one of six such children entered into Ares’s BioAdept++ program, in which they attempted to find the optimal balance between cutting-edge bioware and Adept powers. During the anti-bug raid in Chicago, Ares put pressure on their Biology department to deliver something useful for the raid. In response, the Biology department decided that it was the perfect time to field-test the BioAdept++ program. Six young adults were sent in, and four returned to Ares. One of the BioAdepts was possessed by a bug spirit, and subsequently killed by name. Over the course of the raid, and due in no small part to the posession previously mentioned, name developed a deep-seated hatred for both bugs and bug-spirits. When the raid was drawing to a close, orders were received to capture several bug spirits and return them to Ares corporation for research. name, now somewhat traumatized by the whole experience, was not pleased with these orders. Still mourning the loss of his friend, he entered into an emotional rage, and slaughtered the bugs designated to be returned to Ares, and then ran off, disappearing into the shadows.



Name Conn Inf
BioAdept++ Program 8 2
BioAdept++ Program (Group – 4)
The Hunter’s old friends and allies have been tasked with retrieving him, and are still on the lookout. Since they are working for a megacorporation, they have fairly high Connection for such a small group.


Name Conn Loyalty Type
Marc Greenboro 5 1 Corp Spider
Doc Skav 3 1 Street Doctor
Lynx 2 1 Fixer
Tommy’s Char


Street Cred


The Hunter has muscled Satyr legs, with the rest of his features appearing Elven. He has medium-long straight black hair. His eyes are incredibly distinctive, featuring slices of different colors in the iris which vary in size according to whether he is using Low-Light vision, Thermal Vision, or regular vision (i.e. the slices not in use become slivers, and the slices in use expand to be quadrant sized). His pupils appear the normal black with a tinge of red and gold. He is moderately tall, and always seems calm, yet poised and ready.

Current Status/Mindset

The Hunter only recently was exposed to the outside world, and is still adjusting. Contrary to some, he views megacorporations abducting talented children as just a normal part of life, since that was all he knew for most of his childhood.

Previous Runs

  • Invisible Friends by JR
  • All the Ninjas (Joe’s Game) by Joe (Not Recorded)

The Hunter/Nightstalker

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