Hellen Cradshaw

Old-school berserker adept from the Sioux Nation


CR: Core Rulebook || GH: Gun H(e)aven 3 || AP: The Assassin’s Primer

(G) Grouped Skill (not necessarily same group)

Personal Data
Name: Hellen Cradshaw, Amira Alias: Betty Rage Metatype: Human Ethnicity: Mixed (Native/Caucasian)
Age: 24 Sex: Female Height: 6’2" Weight: 178lbs.
Hair: Brown Eyes: Golden Skin: Tanned
Total Karma 12 Current Karma 7 Street Cred 1 Notoriety 0 PA 0
Body 3 Total Edge 3
Agility 5 Current Edge 3
Reaction 4(6) Essence 6
Strength 6 Magic/Resonance 6
Willpower 4 Initiative Dice
Logic 3 Physical 8(10) 1(3)d6
Intuition 4 7 3d6
Charisma 3 Astral 8 2d6
Core Combat Information
Primary Armor Armor 15(21) Fire 3, Elec 3, Chem 1, Cold 3 Shock frills
Primary Ranged Weapon Acc. 7(9) DV/AP 12P/-8 SS RC — Ammo 5(m)
Primary Melee Weapon Acc. 6 Reach 1 DV 9P AP -2
Condition Monitor
Physical Damage Boxes: 10 Stun Damage Boxes: 10 Matrix Damage Boxes: 8
Mental 5
Physical 7(7)
Social 6
Skill Rating Specialization Misc DP Mod Attribute Type
Armorer 3 Logic Active
Assensing 3 Intuition Active
Automotive Mechanic 3 Logic Active
Blades (G) 5 Agility Active
Clubs (G) 5 Agility Active
Etiquette 3 Charisma Active
First Aid 2 Logic Active
Gymnastics 6 Reaction Active
Longarms 6 Agility Active
Navigation (G) 1 Intuition Active
Perception 6 Intuition Active
Pilot Groundcraft 3 Reaction Active
Sneaking 3 Agility Active
Survival (G) 1 Willpower Active
Throwing Weapons 3 Agility Active
Tracking (G) 1 Intuition Active
Unarmed (G) 5 Agility Active
Bear Clan history and traditions 2 Intuition Knowledge
Medicinal Herbs 2 Logic Knowledge
Melee Weapons of the World 2 Intuition Knowledge
Language Rating Specialization
English 4
Diné 2
Grizzly N
Or’zet 2 -
Name Notes Type Reference
Ambidextrous No -2 for off-hand Positive CR71
Distinctive Style Tribal bear tattoos. +2 to identify character. Negative CR80
High Pain Tolerance 2 +2 to each dmg track layer Positive CR74
Mentor Spirit Bear Positive CR76
SINner (1) Sioux Nation Negative CR84
IDs, Lifestyles, & Currency
ID Rating Primary Lifestyle Nuyen Licenses
Hellen Cradshaw Legal Low, 2 months 10,055¥ Longarms
name 2 none Credstick (100¥) Longarms (Fake, 2)
Name Type Connection Loyalty
Ann Kim Mechanic 2 4
Lynx Mr. Johnson 2 1
name Talismonger 3 2
Augments Rating Type Notes
Armor Rating Notes
Armor Jacket 12 CR437
Fire res 3, Nonconduct 3, shock frills Chem prot. 1, Insulation 3
Riot Shield +6 CR438
Ranged Weapon Acc DV/AP Modes RC Ammo
Remington 950 6(8) 11P/-3 SS (1) 5(m)
10 rounds APDS ext. smartlink silencer
Melee Weapon Acc Reach DV AP
Combat Knife 6 (Str+2)P -3
Forearm Snap-blades 4 (Str+2)P -2
Knucks [P] (Str+1)P
Stun Baton 4 1 9S(e) -5
Survival Knife 5 (Str+2)P -1
Sword 6 1 (Str+3)P -2
Gear Location Notes
AR Gloves hands
Commlink body Rate 3
Simsense module
Earbuds Rate 3
Audio Enhancement 2 Select Sound Filter 1
Gas Mask backpack(?) 1h air
Glasses head Rate 4
Low-light, Flare comp Image link, Smartlink
Helmet (Motorcycle) head CR438
Low-light, Thermo, Flare comp Image link, Smartlink, Vision mag
Sim Module commlink CR439
Subvocal Mic neck CR440
Trodes body CR440
Other Location Notes
Stim Patch (3) pouch Rate 3 CR451
Stim Patch (3) pouch Rate 6 CR451
Trauma Patch (3) pouch CR451
Tools Location Notes
Shop (Automotive) home CR443
Toolkit (Armorer) home CR443
Name Mods Misc DP Mod Type
Vehicle Handling Speed/Accel Body/Armor Pilot/Sensor
Harley-Davidson Scorpion 4/3 4/2 8/9 1/2
Item Handling Speed/Accel Body/Armor Pilot/Sensor

Special Items:

  • none
Item Market Sell Market Buy Availability Condition Additional Info


  • Sioux native, wanderlust caused her to leave tribe and home.
  • Member of Bear clan and, appropriate Bear mentor spirit.
  • Works part-time as a mechanic for Ann Kim, a natural gearhead and former shadowrunner.

Hellen Cradshaw

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