Farywl Istea

A Gunner, Face, and Armorer



Personal Data

Name: Farwyl Istea Alias: Etrine; Fred Zwolf (for me, if my ids ever are burnt “-” for Combat, “--” for face not bought) Metatype: Elf
Age: 56 Sex: M Height: 6’4” Weight: 175lbs.
Nuyen: 4468 Lifestyle:Middle
Total Karma 38 Current Karma 0 Street Cred 4(+ 2) Notoriety 3 Public Awareness 3


Body 5
Agility 2(Arms:6)
Reaction 5(7)
Strength 2
Charisma 7
Intuition 5
Logic 4
Willpower 3
Total Edge 1
Current Edge 1
Essence 1.2
Magic/Resonance 0
Initiative 12
Initiative Passes 3
Matrix Initiative 0
Astral Initiative 0

Combat Info

Primary Armor: Urban Explorer JumpSuit w/ helmet 6/8 w/ Shock Frills 6S(e) 10 charges Nonconductivity Rating 4, Chemical Protection Rating 4, Thermal Damping Rating 1
Primary Melee Weapon: Stun Baton Reach: 1 6S(e) AP:-.5
Primary Ranged Weapon: Ares Predator 4 (x2) 5P -1(AP) SA 15( c ) 296(reg ammo) 290(ex-explosive) 30(gel rounds) Spare Clips:8
Secondary Ranged Weapons:
Suitcase 1 – Ares Alpha 6P -1(AP) SA/BF/FA RC:5 (with Shock Pad) 42( c ) 395(ex-explosive) Spare Clips: 10 (High Velocity, Electronic Firing, Tracker, replace Gas-vent 2 with Gas-vent 3, trigger removal)
Ares Alpha(grenade w/ AirBurst Link) grenade grenade SS RC:6 6( c ) 20 (High Explosives 10P -2(AP) -2P/m) 6 (Fragmentation 12P + 2(AP) -1P/m) 10 (Flash-Bangs 6S -3(AP) 10m) 3 (Flash-Pack 10 charges, -4, -2w/FlareComp) 7 (Thermal Smoke 10m apply thermal smoke vision modifier) Spare Clips: 2
Suitcase 2 – AK-97 6P -1(AP) SA/BF/FA RC:5(11) 38X2( c ) 85 (reg) 100 (cap (stun) AP: + 2) Spare Clip:2 Special notes: Smartlinked on top, sound suppresser, (high velocity, additional clip, tracker, foregrip, sling, gas-vent 3)
Guitar Case 1 – Walther MA-2100 7P -3(AP) SA RC:(1) 10(m) 30(ex-explosive)(10 extra ammo in case) (have vision magnification)
Guitar Case 2 – To be filled with something that will freak out a few people when i have mounds of money.
SilencerX2 and Hidden ArmslideX2 with Ares Predator, Sound SuppressorX2 always equiped, Quick Draw Holster (put in suitcase used) tripod( taken when said) Periscope (on person)
all guns come equiped with Smartgun System installed
Have Gyro Stabilization.

Condition Monitor

Physical Damage Boxes: 11 Stun Damage Boxes: 10

Active Skills

Skill Rating Specialization Misc Mod Attribute Type

Armorer 5 – - Logic
Data Search 1 – - Logic
Dodge 5 – - Reaction
Firearm 4 – 2 Agility
Heavy Weapons 1 – - Agility
Influence 3 – 2 Charisma
Intimidation 1 – - Charisma
Perception 4 – 1,3,2 Intuition (note: + 1 for test farther away, + 3 for looking and hearing, + 2 to find source of sound.)
Pilot Ground Craft 0 – - Reaction

Knowledge Skills

Skill Rating Specialization Attribute Type

Basic Magic Knowledge (Adept) 3 – - Intuition
History (Elven) 2 – - Intuition
Guns 6 – - Intuition
Improvised Weapons 4 – - Intuition
Matrix (Hacking) 1 – - Intuition
Street(Junkyards) 1 – - Intuition
Street(Safehouses) 1 – - Intuition
Street (Crook Hangouts) 1 – - Intuition
Street (Gangs) 3 – - Intuition

Language Rating

English N
Elven 5


Name Notes Type

Addiction (Mild, Mint) + 10
Ambidextrous (no pentaly to dual-wield) 5
Blackmarket Pipeline ( -10% to cost gained through pipeline) 10
Day Job ( + 2500Nuyen per month) + 10
First Impression ( + 2 to Social Tests) 5
Hawk Eye ( + 1 perception Range Modifier -1 step) 5
Home Ground (Dead End Bar) 10
Incompetent (First Aid) + 5
Low Pain Tolerance ( – 1 Physical Damage Track to put at 2 for each – 1) + 10
SINner (Farwyl Istea) + 5
Toughness ( + 1 Damage Resistance) 10


Name Type Loyalty Connection

Guns and Arms Dealer 1 3
Police Snitch 1 3
Federal Agent 1 3
Lynx 1 2
Skav 2 3
Ratz 2 2
Das 1 2
Cerra 1 1
Erk 3 3
Murdock 1 2
Daemon 1 2
Creeks 1 5
Marc Greenboro 1 5
Bounce Miranda 1 3
Evan Eye 1 3
Farnsworth Jack 3 4


Augument Rating Essence Notes

Smartlink – .1 i play shooting games as real life
Synthetic Full Arm 7 1 6 AGI
Synthetic Full Arm 7 1 6 AGI
Ultrasound Sensor – .3 it can see your babies! (passive unless otherwise said)
Wired Reflexes 2 2.4 + 2 Reaction + 2 IP


Metalink w/VectorXim Response:1 System:1 Firewall:1 Signal:2 w/Sim Module and Trodes Location: Ear (unless otherwise said)
Sin Rating 4 Etrine (deals with Combat)
Sin Rating 4 Fred Zwolf w/License Rating 3 for Ares Predator 4 (deals with other things like escapes, needing to talk to people without having my rep. when shit hits the fan, time to go)
Sin Rating 1 Melf Elf
EE Security Elite License
Cheap Suit location: At Home (Unless otherwise said)
Nice Suit location: At Home (Unless otherwise said)
MedKit Rating 5 Location: Straped on right leg (iv led to…)
Contact Lenses w/Flare Comp always on, even at work.
Area Jammer Rating 1 (won’t block anything but tags.) taken but off.
Area Jammer Rating 3 (actually can block stuff. 0.o) taken but off.
Area Jammer Rating 10 (do you like hacking? well i don’t) not bought yet cost 5000
Glasses w/ Vision Enhancement Rating 3 and Vision Magnification always on
Earbuds w/ Audio Enhancement Rating 3 and Spatial Recognier always on
Gas Mask taken always
Tag Eraser taken when said
White Noise Generator Rating 6 always taken. not on.
Radio Signal Scanner Rating 6 always taken.


Worcester Rating 3
Massechussets Rating 4
Tewksbury Rating 6


Suzuki Mirage Handling:+2 Accel: 20/50 Speed:200 Piolt:1 Body:6 Armor:4 Sensor:1


Dead End Apartments

Comforts 1
Entertainment 0
Necessities 3
Neighborhood 2
Security 4
Escape Tunnel +3
Inconspicuous Housing (Physical) +2
Privacy Screen (Physical) +3
Security Conscious +2
Household Gremlins -3
Poor Condition -1
6000 Nuyen per month
200 Nuyen per day


Anzu Kyuusai thanks creating a character that was easy to see i tried to copy your template but failed.


Notice: this is all occ and very long!

Warning: If this story is a. interesting, b. discusting c. (Insert other choice here) then i have done my job. also grammer and spelling experience may vary, and shall not be fixed, unless otherwise told by the overload ruler of all, GM. GO FILE YOUR COMPLAINTS!

Warning V2.0: was written under lack of sleep, you have been warned!! end of WarningV2.0

I was born in New York Brooklyn to a elfish mother named Piroko, in a “upper class” neighborhood. (the police actually respond to calls within a day!) I never knew my father, all i heard were stories from my mother about him and his abilities, how she wasn’t even sure if he was even alive anymore because of his line of work, and all about technomancers. (Notice: She knows very little about technomancers, it consists of many misconception and bragging that my father did, much of what she said i learned was wrong later) Funny enough, she never described him, all i knew was that he was also a elf, and the looks that i possibly inherited from him.

Late one night i awoke to screaming and crying, i snuck down stairs for it was past my bedtime and saw my mom seeming to talk to air, having a mental breakdown. She kept saying, “No! NO! He’s too young for that, i don’t care about your family traditions.” I walked right infront of her in her line of sight and she still couldn’t see me, she only responded when i touched her, she seemed stare and then looked down at me, hugged me and froze. About 5 minutes later she whispered in my ear in a tone i never heard before, “Let’s go, there is a car waiting outside, your father is waiting for you..” At that moment i hugged her and told her i would be back as soon as possible and ran out the door. I ran in the car but saw no one but the driver. It was a ride i would never forget, the doors seemed to open as i approached and close behind me! It was technomancy that my mom was talking about!

The driver drove away at speeds i never amagined anyone possible of. He seemed to be driving too fast, in fact we saw some cops following us and something metal and floating, many somethings. But they soon disapeared seemingly stalled or just out-run. Soon after this the car started talking to me! "Hello son, i have missed you so but unfortunately i couldn’t visit or even contact you until the right moment, your mother as sent you off to stay with me for a while and continue the family tradition, you are going to become like me, a runner. Yet, as in the past, we always give you a option as to chosing if you will do so after “school.”..(static).. Dami..(line goes dead)" The driver in response to this pulls over to the side and tells me to get out. I follow him and he runs to the nearest car, stands next to it for 30 seconds, until the doors opens and tells me to jump in. We continue the drive making many sharp turns, some alittle too sharp for the car was cliped and sometimes outright slammed against buildings. We soon arrived at the Hudson River,(if it could be called a river) the guy looks at me for the first time. He was wearing a mask, and before i could speak he pointed a gun at my forehead “I’m sorry for this kid, orders are orders.” (i close my eyes)


“Hu, what’s this on me?” Were my first thought. (opened eyes) and i saw one of the most horrifying things in my live, a dead man who’s head seemed to explode. He was all over me, or bits of him at least. I bent over… after about 2 minutes i hear a knock on the door. Someone seems to be motioning to unlock a door, and has one of the weirdest weapons i have seen. He soon gets tired of waiting and cuts the car in thirds. He withdraws his whip and grabs my hand, “Walk,” he commanded. I fainted.

Fading in and out of consciences… “Spy.. problems… dead.. wait.. O.K…”

I wake up in a bed white ceiling above me, before i get to look around. “Soup? It’ll make you feel better.”says a female voice. Not waiting for a responce a spoon appears in my mouth, it tastes terrible… i cough. “Sorry we are not cooks here.” and she puts another spoonfull of soup before i can respond. She begins to start talking about the facility and how this is where i will live until i have “graduated,” “the work here will not be easy, you will have to pay for your education..” (a door opens and the spoon stops for enough time for me to sit up) “He is ready to see you.” says the person at the door. “Who?” i ask, “Your father, Follow.” I look at the guy and realize he was the one that grabbed my hand earlier. “How long was i out?”i ask. “Bout 6 hours, but don’t worry bout that now, Shoo, your father doesn’t like waiting.”says the lady.

I walk out into a hallway and am taken through a maze, to arrive at a office with great bay windows, overlooking.. well a bay. A hollo-image appears infront of the desk. “Farwyl! My you have grown! Sorry i can’t meet in person, little to do and lots of time to do it!.. wait switch that. Well just incase you haven’t noticed we aren’t in New York anymore, this is Boston and you shall start your training tommorrow.” (i raise my hand) “What is a boston?”i ask. “… Well then seems like we have alot to do, Vnite, please show my son to his quarters, he will need the rest for tommorrow.” and with that the holo-image disapears. Vnite opens the doors for me and walks along the maze, “What is my training tommorrow?” i ask Vnite. “Basic.” he response and opens a door up for me. “Sleep.” i enter and so begins my training.

I learned from many different teachers, and many different disiplines. My days consisted of Morning exersises, afternoon training, and evening classes. My teachers varied from gun and melee specialists, to technomancers and mages, to faces, and finally ordinary teacher. But by far what i excelled in was manners in face and fixing weapons. This had a general disapointment from the technomancers when they saw i was not like my father, in fact i heard my skills were very closely related to my mother, but any and every time i talked about her people refused to say anything until i changed topic. I was also sad since i had never seen my father since the first day i was at the facility.

One day when i was 50(translated into human years… i don’t know i’m guessing just matured) my father came to me in the dead of night. He handed me two suitcases, two guns, a cred stick, a note and lots of ammo. “You have to leave now, something big is going on tonight and i’m not sure what follow the direction on the note to the location and tell the owner my name, there should be enough on the cred stick, i will come and get you, do not look for me. (gunfire) (screams) (explosions) take my bike and go now!” he takes out a commlink and computer and goes into the matrix.

Following my fathers advice i run to the garage and go off, but before i leave i see a drone, one of the likes that should not exist. This thing if it is a drone now certainly doesn’t look like it started out like that. (note mostly for myself, this thing is active on all planes, the normal one obviously, the matrix and the astral plane, biodrones, no god no to cyberzombies)

The map took me to a small apartment in Worcester, i mention my father’s name and the guy gave me the keys to the room, didn’t even check my cred stick, which was sufficient, in fact sufficient for 10 years worth of rent.

2 years passed and i had joined a gang, the Untie-ER. I decided that it had been enough time and by now my father should have either sent someone or come himself to pick me up, so i went back. There was nothing left of the facility, infact i even asked around and everyone looked scared the moment i mentioned them and told me to leave. i went back to Worcester, vacanted my residence, and accessed one of the many contacts that i had gained through the years at the facility, he was not answering, in fact he was dead, had been for at least a year(found his body a year ago). i tried all the contacts out of the 21 i had, only 3 of them were alive. The first one i contacted that was living said something had killed my father and they wanted me to go away, now. I contacted the other two and got them to help me once before permently cutting off contact. One of them recomended me a contact from the government, the other helped me find equipment i was looking for, specifically forbidden equipment. In realizing that alot of the contacts had been cut i looked for my mother in New York, and found her, dead. All of this left me with a feeling of revenge, yet i also needed a job if i was to pay for all that i needed. I found a Worcester mechanic shop of questionable origins. It dealt with anything and everything mechanical. joined as a armorer for guns and gained access to cyberwear and various tech. The next year was agonizing, going through the operations and rehab. My next move was to look for the killers, i went through my contacts with the gang, but turned up empty handed with most people saying something that big would deal with the corporations or even the government. So, i came to find Lynx and his group, and am currently looking for any method to get more info, and finish the job, no matter the cost.

How Farwyl’s father died
My character’s father died from only partially completing a mission from Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industires to take tech from Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, namely stealing that same biodrone (mentioned above) without Mitsuhama Computer Technologies noticing. They got the biodrone, but not without lots of loss(death).

Saeder-Krupp got the biodrone and didn’t realize that my character’s father’s group had a messy run. This was given away when Mitsuhama Computer Technologies raided my father’s character’s compound the next day. Their cyber security was taken down in about 30 seconds before the biodrones came. The company didn’t find the drone, they didn’t find out who had hired for the job either because when the compound was lost, self-destruct occured, it is not aware how because the server was taken over and Mitsuhama had complete control. Saeder-Krupp proceded to clean up the rest of the survivors. Those that were connected to the group were either killed or had a deal cut to find other survivors then killed.

Farywl Istea

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