A Summoner and Ilusion Mage


Name/Alias: Apollo
Player: Toble007
Campaign: Shadow Lives
Magical Tradtion: Roman Tradition
Metatype: Elf Age: 34 Sex: M Nuyen: 3925 Lifestyle: Middle (custom) Total Karma: 21
Current Karma: 2 Street Cred: 2 Notoriety: 1 Public Awareness: 1
Initiate Group: (working on name)

Physical Attributes

Body: 3
Agility: 2
Reaction: 3
Strength: 1

Mental Attributes

Charisma: 7
Intuition: 3
Logic: 3
Willpower: 5

Special Attributes

Edge: 1
Essence: 6
Initiative: 6
Magic: 6
Current Edge: 1
Astral Init: 6
Init Passes: 1

Active Skills

Skill Name RTG ATT
Animal Handling 1
Assensing 4(6) Guardian, Combat
Arcana 1(3)(5) Spirits, Guardian
Conjuring 4(6) Guardian, Man
Counterspelling 1(3) Combat
Dodge 4(6) Ranged Combat
Perception 3(5)(6)(5) Visual, Active Hearing, Determine location
Spellcasting 6(8) Combat, illusions

Knowledge Skills

Skill Name RTG ATT
English N
Elvish 4
Spirits 3(5) Guardian
Security Procedures (Corp Security Response Teams) 2


Magician 15
Mentor Spirit (Sun) 5
High Pain Tolerance 5
Astral Chameleon 5
Bad Luck +20
SINner +5
Day Job (Talismonger Shop) +10
Extravagent Eyes (1 Blue/1 Brown) +5

Condition Modifier

w/High Pain Tolerance
Physical: 10 boxes
Stun: 11 boxes


Name Type Loyalty Connection

Ouranos Fasya (Talismonger) 2 3
Lynx 1 2
Deci 1 2 (blackmarket pipeline for explosives)
Minibar Kenichi 1 1 (Sushi Adept Extrodinar) (Yakuza Connection)
Dr. Oswald 1 3 (blackmarket drug dealer, can only get 3 drugs a month, vet)
Cerra 2 1
Facebook(fixer) 1 4
Creeks 1 5
Generic Knights Errant Contact

Combat Gear

Colt Manhunter 5P AP:-1 SA RC:0 16( c) Regular:10 Gel: 15
w/ Quick Draw Holster
Full-Body Suit 6/2
Leather Jacket w/Shock Frills w/ Vitals Protector w/Fore arm guards w/ Shin Guards w/ Fire Resistance 5 w/ Nonconductivity 5 3/5
Total: 9/7


All spells are limited but Stunbolt.
Heal M T P (DV) -2
Increased Reflexes P T S (F/2) +2
Stunbolt M LOS I (F/2) -1
Powerbolt P LOS (A) I (F/2) +1
Orgy M LOS (A) S (F/2)
Improved Invisibility P LOS S (F/2) +1
Trid Phantasm P LOS (A) S (F/2) +3
Stealth P LOS S (F/2) +1

Spells i want (all manipulation spells)
Control Though M LOS S (F/2) +2 (only if i have extra points that i don’t know what to do with)
Alter Memory M LOS P (F/2) +2 (i want this first)
Levitate P LOS S (F/2) +1 (maybe)
Translate M T S (F/2) +2 (maybe)


All Fetishes are charms on a brass necklace. (If anyone has ideas for Trid Phantasm and Stealth that are better than the current, tell me.)
Heal (Polished Ball, Amethyst)
Increased Reflexes (Wings, White Marble)
Powerbolt (Bolt, Blood Red Glass)
Orgy (Man and Female Symbol Combined, Rose Marble)
Improved Invisibility (Circular Mirror, Glass does not show your reflection)
Trid Phantasm (Ghost, Pure White Marble)
Stealth (A gold ring)


Metalink w/VectorXim Response:1 System:1 Firewall:1 Signal:2
SIN (Rating 4) (Nick Andza)
SIN (Rating 6) (w/ dog license)
Mage Sight Goggles (-3 to spellcasting)
Monocle w/ Thermograpic vision w/ Flare comp
Earbuds w/ Audio Enhancement Rating 3 w/ Spacial Recongnizer
Magical Lodge Materials Force 6
Conjuring Materials Force 6
PocketMage Library Rating 3 ( +3 to data searches on paranormal critters, spirits, and magic in general)


Boston Rating 6
Lowell Rating 6


Suzuki Mirage Handling: +2 Accel: 20/50 Speed:200 Piolt:1 Body:6 Armor:4 Sensor:1

Bound Spirits

Type of Spirit Force Services
Guardian 6 4 Bound (Concelment, Attack of Fire)
Guardian 6 4 Bound (Animal Control, Attack of Fire)
Earth 4 2 Bound (Elemental Attack)
Man 4 1 Bound (Fear)
Man 4 9 Bound (Stunbolt)
Man (Bitter?:p ) 6 4 Bound (Fear, Stunbolt)

Initiation powers i want (in order)
Absorption (may be moved in order)
Flexible Signature
Ally Conjuration (whenever i get a ally spirit)
Invoking (if i can invoke my ally spirit)
Extended Masking


2nd Floor Talismonger Shop Flat (4 Mages live here, shop owner, Bill, Tony’s alt mage, and me)
Comforts: Middle (3)
Entertainment: Low (2)
Necessities: High (4)
Neghborhood: Middle (3)
Security: High (4) (magic security is done on site, Force 6 spirit (not force 4) At least 1 on-site mages (residents) wards on whole building, no patroling guards or security teams during buisness hours)

Aspected Domain (Roman Tradition) 5
Escape Tunnel 3
Privacy Screen (Astral) 3
Well Made 1
Workplace 1
AI In Residence -3
Haunted -4
No Privacy (Matrix) -1
Pest Magnet (paranormal critters, perhaps something to do with the domain?) -3
Sprite Magnet (perhaps a mage stroked a technomancer the wrong way?) -1
This is the Magic Shop, but we are closed, Go Away! (This Isn’t Big Bob’s Autos) -1
Worse Neighbors (one of the initiates works with ghouls, they come around ocasionally) -1

6500 nuyen a month
1625 nuyen per person

Jobs are offered to deal with the Pests, negotiate with the AI, Deal with the various toxic spirits, ghosts, critters, Help Bill research Ghouls, do research yourself.
“This is not the job I signed up for! I though it was watching the shop!” -Apollo
The magical group is a 10% discount middle lifestyle. 1250 nuyen per month.
If you take the Day Job Quality your rent and/or magical group fee is taken out of the paycheck.




Shadow Lives ledeir Toble007