Shadow Lives

The Machine Gun Sisters

Shadowrun Chronicles had a “Shadowband” contest. It was the perfect chance to share some of our setting with the community.

The Machine Gun Sisters were created at Anime Boston a few years ago. You can read the wiki page here . I will update it eventually

I entered them in the contest, and though they didn’t win, I am still proud of my entry.

Here’s the actual entry for those who don’t want to click to steam.
Machine Gun Sisters

Steve: Front Woman and Lead Guitar
Jinx: Bass Guitar
Vox: Vocals
Tokkin: Keyboard and Pyrotechnics

Their EP “Zen & Bullets” released Valentine’s Day 2073 and features hit songs “Beware the Auditors” and “Animate Boston”

“The Machine Gun Sisters” officially formed on August 6th, 2072. Boston natives, Steve and Jinx, formed the band out of pure desperation. After multiple attempts to gain tickets to a sold out concert they decided there must be a better way. The sisters slotted guitarsofts and auditioned with the club owner. They didn’t even bother to hide the fact they had no experience and were solely doing this to gain access to the show.

Their audacity and the natural talent that the guitarsofts unlocked impressed the owner enough that he let them have a short opening act. The audience was amazed, somehow their unique take on Industrial Trance Music imposed a zen-like state on those who listened.

After their debut performance received rave reviews they added two new members to their band to further develop their unique styling. The first addition was an elf by the name of Vox. Her soulful voice could bring even the hardest runners to tears. Its been said her voice makes one feel like they can see the Astral plane.

The second addition was Tokkin, their token male. Whether or not he has any actual musical talent has yet to be determined, but he is an excellent rigger. He customized an old drone to handle all their pyrotechnics and his keyboard can work miracles.

The band has been performing annual UCAS tours to an ever growing audience. They are still looking for a major label, but rumor has it they are in negotiations with Horizon.

Unfortunately their current state is unknown, they were within Boston when it was locked down.


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