Shadow Lives

TempleCon 2015

I just submitted my events for Templecon.

Perhaps I’ll see some of you there (in addition to Tony and Tommy)

Friday Februrary 6th, 2PM-6PM
Critic’s Choice
Helping a street doc expand his business can take you to the strangest places…

Saturday February 7th, 2PM-6PM
Gone Long Gone
All jobs have dead lines, especially those next door to the site of a nuclear explosion. Better work fast!

Sunday February 8th, 11AM-3PM
Special Delivery
This one takes the cake. Literally. You have to make a delivery to a birthday party…

Standard character rules apply with one exception! Anyone who knows Grrl (herself included) are not allowed in Special Delivery!

Hopefully the fact that they are submitted will make me write the birthday mission soon.

Times are subject to change!


Times have changed!
2PM to 6PM are now 6PM to 10PM
11AM to 3PM is now 1PM to 5PM
Also the schedule should go live on the Templecon site tomorrow allowing you to sign up.

TempleCon 2015
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