Shadow Lives

Run and Gun

For those who are eager to customize their weapons and armor Run and Gun is out.
There seems to be some decent material in it, but at the same time the book is fairly limited.

You can order here

I have only quickly skimmed it thus far, but here is what you can expect to find.

  • 38 pages dedicated to Weapons and Accessories. Highlights for me would be the combat chainsaw, improvised weapons (FORK!), arrowheads (now with prices, unlike 4th), lasers and flamers (including underbarrel mounted). New gear must be purchased as normal.
  • 32 pages dedicated to Armor. Now Autumn can truly dress in style! Perhaps a bit light in customization options but I’ll have to read to be sure. New armor must be purchased as normal.
  • Tactics and Tools, 18 pages, I’ll have to read that section to comment. It has potential to be interesting.
  • Killshots and more over 38 pages. New qualities (Brand loyalty!) and Martial arts. Anyone who wishes to adjust their characters can do so to accommodate these. Granted any changes will need to be clearly listed and approved.
  • 26 pages on Staying Alive. This is the exotic environment chapter.
  • 28 pages on Explosives (Blow up good). I advise NOT reading that because I don’t want to deal with it :P
  • Some helpful tables and charts of gear. I’ll probably print them for con work.


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