Shadow Lives

EE Security Issues.

OOC Post

OOC NOTE: This summary combines the results from two sessions. Its more amusing this way.

Tossing the report on the table, “This is a nightmare!” Evan exclaimed.

Rapidly flipping through the report and selecting pages:

  • “We allow an individual to schedule an appointment with no background vetting.”
  • “Someone pretending to be a customer deliberately floods our bathroom before starting a firefight in our lobby.”
  • “The Troll Plumber, who was obviously a fake, throwing a fit and plunging our guard’s head.”
  • “Two runners kick in our backdoor and burst into the cafeteria during a meeting and somehow escape the dozen guards present.”
  • “Someone bribes a neighbor for access to their apartment and proceeds to shoot frozen pigeons through the windows.”
  • “Our netops worker was busy playing Quake2070 and ends up dying from electrocution.”
  • “And to top it off they access our internal server grabbing confidential data.”

“At least one of the runners had the decency to tell us about it. They thought it was an authorized security test.”

Practically growling as he slammed his fists into the desk Evan shouted, “That just makes it worse! Not only were we hit, but we were hit by a group of idiots!”


You’re right, it is funnier this way.

EE Security Issues.

(plus I can’t actually remember what happened in each session without my notes, but that’s a secret)

EE Security Issues.
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