Shadow Lives

Shadowrun 2013

OOC Post

I’ve been very quiet on the Shadowrun front lately, being focused on my Savage Worlds game, but I have some news which needs to be shared.

- Shadowrun: Crossfire, The Adventure Deckbuilding Game.

- Shadowrun, Fifth Edition RPG
- Shadowrun Returns (Old School Style computer game)
- Shadowrun Online

- Shadowrun: Sprawl Gangers (Tactical Miniatures game. Necromunda anyone?)

Spring 2014
- Shadowrun: Hostile Takeover (Euro-Style board game)

I can’t guarantee any dates for these releases, I know as little as you at this point, and even if I knew more I couldn’t say. (NDA)

Still, its a big year coming up.

Also, an additional tidbit for you… Arisia and Templecon are coming up. I’m writing a new mission for each con and need to test them sometime in early January.

Arisia: Beware the Auditors
Building security is the bane of every runners existence, few and far between are the jobs that don’t devolve into a firefight. At least this time you know what you are getting in to, an agent of EE Security hires you for an internal “audit”

Templecon: Templecon Tryst
Not all jobs involve breaking the law, sometimes there’s a more traditional bodyguard job. Though why the Johnson hired 6 runners for protection at a convention is beyond you…

Happy New Year!


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