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Post CT Con Report

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Hoi Chummers!
This is just a quick post con write up.

Garage Sale (Part 2)

This did not run mostly as expected! The team stole the tank but were excessively smart about it. If it wasn’t for Lucian Dirge telling the Knights the route and where the drop was going to be, it would have been a milk run. The team had some clever ideas and actually used a flatbed truck INSTEAD of driving the tank… Until they crashed.

The funny thing, even after Lucian admitted to the runners he set them up, several of them still wanted to work with him in the future.

Xolotl’s Box

The second time this mission ran on Friday the 13th! The team social’ed their way to the box but couldn’t sell their story to the guards. They eventually got the box and made it to the drop point, but then a couple players had to leave early so we had to fast forward the end.

Imaginary Friends

For once there were magicians in the team! They carefully made transfer arrangements for the patient and successfully extracted the child without a hitch. Then again things like influence help greatly with that.

They would have made quick work of the other runner team as well, except someone thought it was a good idea to throw open the rear door of the van while under suppressive fire. The stray bullets nearly killed the child…

In the end the hacker saved the day by ordering the drones to retreat.

Nature Hike

The Con ended with a bang. The team slaughtered the possessed hikers with abandon. They skipped the encampment (as expected) and snuck up on the guards at the cave. Due to time constraints the Muse retreated quicker than it would have otherwise, compelling half the team (and all the magic support) to creativity.

It looked like it would be a success except one of the runners decided to see what would happen if Cerra had grabbed the chess piece… The cave filled with flame and two runners fell. The Queen, and Cerra, got slightly singed, but remained largely unscathed.

Shadowrun Online (SRO)

And in other news, the SRO Kickerstarter is up!
This is your chance to get a foot in the door and possibly leave your mark on the Shadowrun world.
Click here for more: Shadowrun Online Kickstarter


Sounds like a fun time. Also, not driving the spider-tank? Madness.

Post CT Con Report
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