Shadow Lives

Nature Hike Crunch

OOC Post

In response to popular demand, here is the crunch summary from the Nature Hike test run.


  • Grrl (Tony)
  • Guido (Stacy)
  • Maynard (Chris)
  • Twitch (Rich)


  • 3000 Nuyen each
  • 6 Karma
  • 1000 nuyen worth of magical reagents


  • Cerra at Connection 1, Loyalty 1 if you don’t already have her.


The following gear is available from looting bodies.

  • Kris (Dagger, resell 100)
  • Colt Manhunter (Heavy Pistol, resell 30)
  • 1 clip of regular ammo (16 bullets, no resell)
  • Remington 750 (Hunting Rifle, resell 50) – Only two available
  • Survival Knife (Dagger, no resell)
  • Shadow Priest Robes (6/4 Armor, no resell)
  • 1000 nuyen magical reagents (ash / granate / mushrooms)


Yay, response to popular demand!

I have no need for either of the Remingtons, so I’ll only take them (to sell) if no-one else wants them. I already took a Kris in-mission, but there are plenty to go around. I’ll also take a robe for possible future costume needs.

If anything goes unclaimed, I’ll pawn it myself.

Nature Hike Crunch

Note: With the exception of the two Remingtons you can only take one of each listed thing.
The two Remingtons can be handled however the players want.

Nature Hike Crunch
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