Shadow Lives

AB2070 Crunch

OOC Post

Here’s the “crunch” portion of the mission. I need to add the fluff, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. This test run ran for a full table at Gaming Weekend. I personally felt the mission was lacking though it did have its high points.

This mission used pregenned characters. As such there is no direct rewards for the players. To show my appreciation though, my players will get a small amount of transferable karma.


  • Alex (?). This was a new player who expressed interest in the campaign. If he joins he will get 6 bonus karma and the knowledge skill Boston Toxic Scare at rating 2.
  • Tommy. Etrine earns 3 bonus karma and the Boston Toxic Scare knowledge skill at rating 2. Presuming he heard stories from Erk.
  • Solly. Solly arrived late and as such gets 2 bonus karma and 1 point in Toxic Scare knowledge.
  • Micah. Not a member of the campaign.
  • Tom. Not a member of the campaign.
  • Nina. Not a member of the campaign.

Thanks again for the help, I really appreciate it!


Dang, I can’t believe I missed it.

AB2070 Crunch

I guess you are left with no choice but to go to Anime Boston then :P
And apparently I named the extra fighter after the wrong character… Oops. Dogmeat is actually a mage.

AB2070 Crunch

Ironic, considering the role of all major characters named Dogmeat. Also, AB’12 is a no-go for me, in no small part due to having no money. (see PM)

AB2070 Crunch
ledeir ledeir

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