Shadow Lives


This is an OOC summary posting. Only what is incorporated into the wiki iteself can be taken IC.

It was a run down part of town. Buildings were decaying and the block was dark. The drizzle obscured the stars and the only light came from basement entrance to an old condemned schoolhouse. The top floors still showed the scorchmarks from an ancient fire. It was a testament to the cold war construction that the building still stood over 100 years despite suffering such extensive damage.
The school's name had long worn away, now the only words that adorned the buildings side was "Skavs" and various gang insignias. The night was quiet and still, the weather keeping most the neighborhood's undesirables inside.

The stillness was only broken by the seven individuals who approached to answer Doc Skav's call for help. Our would be helpers were:

Skav almost seemed as he were strung out. Assensing revealed he was extremely stressed by the infestation of his clinic. His hair was disheveled, his labcoat a wrinkled mess, and dark black bags under his eyes. He waited for the team to approach and guided them inside.

The poorly furnished room was lit by a single portable lantern and there was no matrix single to be found. He straight out explained he was asking for a favor, he didn't even have the cash for this month's protection fees. The job was simple, deal with the infestation in the basement. Pay was 100 nuyen, a rating 5 medkit, free membership in his discount 'ware plan, and that he'd patch them up for any injuries they received on the job. The Doc didn't care how they got it done, he just didn't want to wake up covered in rats again.

Most of the team advanced downstairs, with the exception of Anansi who sent two drones in his stead. The floors and walls were covered in rats, hundreds of them! Aside from that the 15×15 room was empty, it was almost as if it wasn't written yet.

Paradox blasted several of the rats with a stunball and closer inspection revealled there were devil rats mixed in. Eventually the team killed the devil rats and with that the majority of the others started to leave. Advancing deeper they came across a room with a locked freezer covered in rats. Whisper was the first to the door and he immediate got swarmed. With 7 devil rats focused on one individual, they started to do some serious damage. The rest of the team dealt with them though. What came next was another story. A beast spirit charged Whisper at the door and he soon found himself stuck in place.

Once the beast spirit was sent back to the aether, through good old fashioned gunfire mind you, the team did the unthinkable. Lorrel tried to talk to the spirits. Initially there was no response, the spirits themselves having specific orders, but eventually the mage controlling them replied.

The mage was a recently turned ghoul by the name of Ratz. He wanted access to the Doc's refuse box for food. Unfortunately for him this box was already promised to Tanemous for protection. The Doc and Ratz did come to an agreement though, in exchange for room and "board" Ratz will work as security for the Doc.

With the job being done, Anansi scored some extra cred for fixing the wiring (and as such restoring the matrix, and electricity), Paradox helped Skav package up the rat corpses for sale as rat burgers, and Pyrrhus patched the whole in the wall for free.


OcC: Ghost was a placeholder character anyway, so I changed it to Kyuusai’s fake SIN. For those of you that love references, Natasha refers to the Major in the MechAssault games and Ayanami refers to Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis: Evangelion. I’ll let you figure out why.


Still OoC: Sorry; I meant Natalia in the previous comment, not Natasha. I have no idea why I wrote Natasha.


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