Shadow Lives

Let there be light!

Boston Globe, 05/01/72

UCAS Electric would lke to apologize for the service interruptions which occurred this weekend. Due to defective hardware the scheduled system upgrade took longer than expected. The benefits will be well worthwhile, including a … (the message is interrupted here)

That's pure drek. Defective hardware my tail!
A bunch of demon’s running amok for hours is hardly defective hardware. They’d planned for a half hour down time and ended up being down for 3 hours.

At least Digtown should be happy…

OOC Info Below



  • Karma: 3 points each
  • Nuyen: 5000 each
    • /usr/bin/grrl only accepted expenses (200¥)


  • Joe Dirt Connection 2
    • /usr/bin/grrl: Loyalty 2
    • Whisper: Loyalty 1
  • Daemon Connection 2
    • Whisper: Loyalty + 1


  • Underground Mapsoft (R1 for Whisper, R2 for grrl)
  • 250 nuyen each from random theft

Unless otherwise specified, each runner is considered to have received one of each item on this list. If they don't choose to keep it, they can sell it for the listed price. They CANNOT be traded.

  • Helmet (+ 1/+ 2 armor) – No resale
  • Internally Smartlinked Fichetti Security 600 – 90 nuyen
  • 1 clip of 30 light pistol gel rounds -No resale
  • Extendable Baton – No resale


I fixed the character links for Whisper and /grrl. In regards to Daemon, didn’t Whisper get L2 for his, ah, generosity? (he paid the guy 5,000¥ for a distraction, for which he didn’t even have to be present)

Let there be light!

Thanks for fixing the links.
The Daemon entry was supposed to be plus one… Apparently because I didn’t put a space it didn’t display right.

Let there be light!

Go figure.

Let there be light!

Same for the helmet.

Let there be light!
I grumble at them!
Let there be light!

i grumble at you! grumble grumble.

Let there be light!

also no mention of what happened?

Let there be light!
ledeir Psion_Rogue

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