Shadow Lives

Where were you when the dragon fell?

I’m not entirely sure if anyone is still checking this, but I finally received my copy of the lockdown sourcebook so my thoughts have returned to the future of my Boston setting.

As most of you know, I tend to incorporate bits and pieces from previous campaigns into future ones.

WMC was created for my first Shadowrun campaign, before I read anything beyond the core rulebook. Murdock was a Shadowrun Missions character for one of my players. Erk was another PC turned NPC due to general coolness factor. The Machine Gun Sisters were a highly amusing pair of players at a convention. There are numerous other references as well!

I also know several of you explicitly said you wanted to be merged into the setting. Maynard for instance was trying to become a face.

SO… That leads to the title question.
The campaign ended approximately 2073 (there still is one open mission that needs to be run).
Lockdown happens 2075 or 76… I can’t remember offhand.

Where were you when the dragon fell?
Some of you probably we long gone from the cities, others may have stayed around.
And even if you were still there, you all had at least some time to flee…

Let me know!

Checking In!

So apparently people still come here!
I randomly checked Analytics today and saw a bunch of visitors.

I am not currently running a campaign at the moment. I’m sure I’ll revive the location at some point though.

I have also been forced to reduce my convention attendance. I am now ONLY work CTCon each year. On the flip side, I now have a TEAM of GMs so there are many more game!

Thanks for visiting!

WPI Gaming Weekend - A Term 2015

Gaming weekend rapidly approaches!
Its on Labor Day weekend (Sept 4-6)

Should I run a session at it? Its not much notice, but I could re-run one of my CTCon missions.

Gift Shop Grab
The season season is over the for Sox after a Dragon crash lands in the stadium. At least the chaos presents you an opportunity.

This is based off of one of the Shadowrun Chronicles missions.

I could also try and throw something new together… So let me know if there is interest ASAP.

The Machine Gun Sisters

Shadowrun Chronicles had a “Shadowband” contest. It was the perfect chance to share some of our setting with the community.

The Machine Gun Sisters were created at Anime Boston a few years ago. You can read the wiki page here . I will update it eventually

I entered them in the contest, and though they didn’t win, I am still proud of my entry.

Here’s the actual entry for those who don’t want to click to steam.
Machine Gun Sisters

Steve: Front Woman and Lead Guitar
Jinx: Bass Guitar
Vox: Vocals
Tokkin: Keyboard and Pyrotechnics

Their EP “Zen & Bullets” released Valentine’s Day 2073 and features hit songs “Beware the Auditors” and “Animate Boston”

“The Machine Gun Sisters” officially formed on August 6th, 2072. Boston natives, Steve and Jinx, formed the band out of pure desperation. After multiple attempts to gain tickets to a sold out concert they decided there must be a better way. The sisters slotted guitarsofts and auditioned with the club owner. They didn’t even bother to hide the fact they had no experience and were solely doing this to gain access to the show.

Their audacity and the natural talent that the guitarsofts unlocked impressed the owner enough that he let them have a short opening act. The audience was amazed, somehow their unique take on Industrial Trance Music imposed a zen-like state on those who listened.

After their debut performance received rave reviews they added two new members to their band to further develop their unique styling. The first addition was an elf by the name of Vox. Her soulful voice could bring even the hardest runners to tears. Its been said her voice makes one feel like they can see the Astral plane.

The second addition was Tokkin, their token male. Whether or not he has any actual musical talent has yet to be determined, but he is an excellent rigger. He customized an old drone to handle all their pyrotechnics and his keyboard can work miracles.

The band has been performing annual UCAS tours to an ever growing audience. They are still looking for a major label, but rumor has it they are in negotiations with Horizon.

Unfortunately their current state is unknown, they were within Boston when it was locked down.

SR: Lockdown

Rumor has it Lockdown will be available soon.

In honor of its upcoming release, here is the Boston map from SR: Chronicles.


TempleCon 2015

I just submitted my events for Templecon.

Perhaps I’ll see some of you there (in addition to Tony and Tommy)

Friday Februrary 6th, 2PM-6PM
Critic’s Choice
Helping a street doc expand his business can take you to the strangest places…

Saturday February 7th, 2PM-6PM
Gone Long Gone
All jobs have dead lines, especially those next door to the site of a nuclear explosion. Better work fast!

Sunday February 8th, 11AM-3PM
Special Delivery
This one takes the cake. Literally. You have to make a delivery to a birthday party…

Standard character rules apply with one exception! Anyone who knows Grrl (herself included) are not allowed in Special Delivery!

Hopefully the fact that they are submitted will make me write the birthday mission soon.

Times are subject to change!

Lockdown News

Found some news for lockdown, including an IC date. I now know when my free reign of Boston will interfere with cannon.

Lockdown Info

The important part of the link, is:

  • Date of Lockdown: 5th of June, 2076
  • Name of Dragon who is involved: Damon (citizen of Boston)
  • Death Toll so far: about 115 (meta-)humans

There’s a bit more there at the link, and a bunch of conjecture as well.
You can also find the original german link here.

Run and Gun

For those who are eager to customize their weapons and armor Run and Gun is out.
There seems to be some decent material in it, but at the same time the book is fairly limited.

You can order here

I have only quickly skimmed it thus far, but here is what you can expect to find.

  • 38 pages dedicated to Weapons and Accessories. Highlights for me would be the combat chainsaw, improvised weapons (FORK!), arrowheads (now with prices, unlike 4th), lasers and flamers (including underbarrel mounted). New gear must be purchased as normal.
  • 32 pages dedicated to Armor. Now Autumn can truly dress in style! Perhaps a bit light in customization options but I’ll have to read to be sure. New armor must be purchased as normal.
  • Tactics and Tools, 18 pages, I’ll have to read that section to comment. It has potential to be interesting.
  • Killshots and more over 38 pages. New qualities (Brand loyalty!) and Martial arts. Anyone who wishes to adjust their characters can do so to accommodate these. Granted any changes will need to be clearly listed and approved.
  • 26 pages on Staying Alive. This is the exotic environment chapter.
  • 28 pages on Explosives (Blow up good). I advise NOT reading that because I don’t want to deal with it :P
  • Some helpful tables and charts of gear. I’ll probably print them for con work.
Shadowrun Minis

To any who are interested, Iron Wind Metals has some decent shadowrun minis.

It doesn’t hurt to check it out.

Also, I am debating if I will run a mission at WPI’s Gaming Weekend.

Here are the options


You are hired by a member of the Ork underground for a simple courier job. As usual things end up “burning” out of control. Its a bit linear, but with the proper group there can be a LOT of role playing and thinking. I ran it at Anime Boston in under 2 hours, and its really easy to keep the pressure up and the game flowing, but it would require a group of like minded players. Though there is combat at the end, it is not a good mission for players who just want to blow stuff up.

Mysterious Island

Investigation heavy mission which may or may not involve any combat. This SR4 mission would NOT be new player friendly and would be better run at a private gaming day. It is one of the last two “Pawns” missions. You may remember seeing some fluff about it ;)

Witch House Extraction

This would likely be a combat heavy SR5 mission. The runners are hired for a rather unique extraction, unfortunately they don’t learn all the rules until its too late. Not only is survival questionable, so is whether or not you get paid. ;)

A Midsummer Ritual

More “pawns” related fluff for you, inspired by Obsidian Portal’s birthday contest.
The contest’s goal is to incorporate a holiday into your game. While we aren’t currently running, I figured I could at least give some fluff.

April 30, 2073

Cerra didn’t like this at all but she had no choice. The sun had set and she was wandering through the woods with only a couple (rather large) “dogs” for company. She could faintly smell the scent of fire in the distance, and she undoubtedly would see the signs if she chose to engage her astral sight. The thought of viewing the astral on this night sent shivers down her spine, they would be out in force.

Not only that, but she was going to see one of her least favorite “associates”. Daemon was even worse than that blue haired decker who was trying to steal what was hers. Daemon was always surrounded by monsters, hell, he was one himself. Touching her dagger for reassurance Cerra briefly relished the thought of banishing him from this plane before sighing and admitting to herself they he had his uses. Plus He would be displeased if anything happened to the Devil.

Walking on Cobolt let out a slight whine to let Cerra know they were getting closer. The scent of the fires grew stronger and in the distance the first hints of light could be seen. The sound of chanting could also be heard and the voices made her skin crawl. The two dogs both tensed, the fur on their backs bristling, but they continued on. The inhuman voices and their harsh guttural language was like glass in a blender. It had a vaguely German sound but felt far older.

They approached the clearing and both dogs abruptly stopped. Cobolt simply sat down and looked at Cerra expectantly. Fenrir, still a young dog, sniffed and paced as if following a wall before marking and returning to Cerra. She then gave the stay command, took a deep breath, and walked through the ward around the ritual circle in the clearing. There was enough power here that it felt like an electric shock and sparks visibly danced over her foci even though they were inactive. On crossing the boundary Cerra was assailed by the heat inside the clearing, sweat almost immediately beginning to form despite the chill of the night.

Swarms of imp-like creatures tended fires at each compass point of the clearing and in the center a bonfire blazed inside three circles of stone. Each individual stone was carefully placed and intricately carved. The runes glowed with an unearthly green light that added a sickening tinge to the fire. In front of the bonfire was an ancient looking stone stand with an evil looking black leather book on top. Dancing around the fire, tail whipping, was the one Cerra had come to see, the demon known as Daemon. Naked, except for a knife at his hip, his deep voice contrasted with that of the chanting spirits at each compass point. The language was the same, but rather than the sound of glass, it was a deep vibration felt in the bones.

Cerra waited patiently as the ceremony went on until finally the fires flared up, blindingly bright. Before her eyes could recover Daemon was in front of her, his inhuman eyes staring into her own. She almost jerked back, it was all she could do to resist breaking out of the circle. She managed to find her voice and spoke the script “On this most powerful of nights, I come seeking thine aid.”

He replied in the dark language of his ritual, the words themselves meaningless to her ears but the meaning echoing in her mind. “Slayer of Souls, seeking help from Me and Mine, what lies speak Thee this Walpurgisnacht?” His gaze intensified as he spoke as if he were reading her soul.

“The need is True. Only Mine Enemy can charge thee spell.” With that she reverently presented a small mechanical gear. “The Magick grows weak for what must be done.”

“Thou shall pay the price.” Speaking in the same mystical language, the words were spoken as if an undeniable truth.

Cerra nodded as he motioned towards the fire. She carefully removed her clothing, leaving only her foci, before approaching the blaze. She held out the gear from earlier as if it were an offering to the flame and waited. Daemon’s voice soon the resumed chanting. The spirits joined in and the sound grew in power and force. The energy gathered around her like a storm and compelled her into fire.

As the first tendrils of flame touched her skin her world filled with pain, intensifying until she fell into nothingness.

The next morning the sound of birds brought wakefulness. Opening her eyes the sun was just creeping into the sky. Fenrir slept near her, keeping her warm, while Cobolt sat listening to the world. Struggling to her feet her left arm burned with pain as the motion caused her bracelet to shift and touch her wrist. Her armband was surrounded with a low throb of pain and there was a wicked looking burn on her hip by her dagger. She gingerly walked over to her clothes and put them back on before weakly followed the dogs as they led her home.

  • Magick 101 by Creaks
  • As I am sure you are all aware, many “Magick” (with a K) rituals felt that clothing hindered the flow of energy. It wasn’t until modern times with the study of Magic (no K) that the opinion largely changed.

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